Summary of the Poem Leisure by W.H Davies

This is the critical summary of the poem Leisure written by William Henry Davies. This poem is in the syllabus of Punjab University B.A exams. This is the best summary with quotations included. Best for college-level students. In this poem, the poet W.H Davies says that we have no time to stand and stare.

The Poem Leisure

This poem is a criticism of a busy life on modern man. The poet has used examples from our daily life to make his point clear and significant. The poem expresses poets feelings on a needless dedication of man for worldly affairs. The poet says that this life has no use of we don't get time to see the beauty spread all around us.


The poem is a rhymic flow of repeated words "No time" which creates a sweet impression. The poet poses a question at the start of the poem. He says that what could be the use of life if it is full of worries and anxiety. This life is miserable if we fail to get time for leisure. The poem depicts that we are always tackling with the world's problems without considering the beautiful things around us. We have no time to stand and watch beautiful objects that nature has made for us.

We have no time to stand under the trees like buffaloes and cows do. We have no time to see the beautiful birds, animals, trees, and flowers around when we pass through the woods. We ignore the little squirrel hiding its nuts in grass.  We just walk hurriedly absorbed in our business.

The streams of clear water create beautiful scene reflecting the sunshine. They just look like a starry sky at night. The poet has used a simile to compare the beauty of streams with that of a starry night. All this is ignored because we cannot get time to see all this. Then the poet uses personification for the beauty and says that we miss its dance. In fact, the poet wants to convey is that beauty is beauty itself. We are deprived of such pleasant sights due to lack of time.

The poet mourns over our such harsh attitude towards nature and natural things. We have become machines and have no emotions left in us. We have become mechanical and formal. We are running after the money and fame but the real life exists in nature. We should spare some time to watch the beautiful things spread around us.

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