Summary of the Poem Woman Work

This is a critical summary of the poem Woman Work written by Maya Angelou. This summary includes quotes with references. This is the best length summary for college-level students, especially for B.A students. Maya Angelou, the poetess, has described the domestic routine of a housewife.

The Poem Woman Work

This poem has been written by Maya Angelou, a famous American poetess. In this poem, she has described the monotonous and busy life of a woman. She describes various household chores that a woman does on daily basis. She remains busy washing clothes, caring for the children, pressing clothes, mopping the floor, doing shopping etc. She is absorbed in household chores and has no time to enjoy the life. She serves to her husband, her kids, and her family, but she finds no one to relieve her but Nature. So, she dreams of a pleasant life. She longs for rain, sunshine, and natural beauty. She wants to enjoy the snowfall and sunshine. She loves to see mountains, oceans, moon etc. She expresses her deep desire to be in the arms of nature which will give her comfort. She asks nature to rescue her from daily mechanical life.  She asks the storm to blow her away to the sky where she could rest. 


In this poem, the poetess, Maya Angelou, describes the daily grinding routine of a woman. She says that a woman spends the whole day doing various chores. She has to look after the children. She has to mend the clothes. She buys things for the household use. She mops the floor. She takes care of kids and makes them dry. She attends the guests and serves to them. She prepares food for the whole family. She is also responsible for doing shopping for the family. Her life is too fast and mechanical.

She remains busy in her work for the whole day. He life loses the charm and she feels bored and dull. She may not show more creativity and innovation in her work. After her mechanical household life, she wishes to spend some time with nature. She invites various natural bodies like the sun, moon, and storms to comfort her. She asks the rain to fall on her forehead. She invites the sun to shine on her. She asks storms to blow her to the skies. She wants to fly with air like a light balloon. In this way, she tries to get comfortable in natural things. She wants to float and fly in the air.

She asks the snowflakes to fall on her. She wants to play with icy gusts of air. The poetess gives us an impression as if the woman is among the mountains spreading her arms and allowing nature to take her anywhere. She is ready to give in before nature. She loves to be with nature because she is fed up with boring routines of her. She believes that God has made all these things for the comfort of the woman. She calls them her own. She expresses her possession of the beautiful objects of nature.

The convenience of the high trees,
The air's buoyancy and the sun's ray
All an advantage to me;

The poem is an expression of a woman's struggle and her desires. The poem gives us a message that the woman is a very hardworking human being. She needs care and comfort as she cares for other members of her family. The poem tells us that a woman does have some desires; she wants to enjoy nature, she wants to be famous, she wants to spare some time in which she may live her own life. She has a desire to be given love and passion which would give her energy and strength to do more work.

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