Summary of the Poem Tartary by Walter De La Mare

This is the summary of the poem Tartary written by Walter De La Mare. This is a critical summary of the poem with quotes. The summary is best for college-level students. This is good for B.A Punjab University Students. The poet, Walter De La Mare, imagines himself, in this poem as the “Lord of Tartary”

The Poem Tartary

This poem is an imaginary picture of Tartary, an ideal unrealistic kingdom. The poem tells us that there is no boundary to human thinking. The imagination is boundless. The poet sees himself as the king of an imaginary, glorious land which he calls "Tartary". In the poem, he also mentions the bounties, luxuries, and richness of that place. The poem is a description of poets life into his imaginary monarchy.


This is a fantastic poet by Walter De La Mare. He considered himself the 'Lord of Tartary' an imaginative glorious land the poet dreams of. The land 'Tartary' does not exist in reality. This is only the poet's imagination that he sees such a grand land and thinks himself the king of that land. He describes various types of facilities and luxuries he would enjoy as the kind of Tartary. He says that Tartary is beautiful and fertile land. It has many delights which we haven't heard of. He says that as the king of Tartary, he would have the bed made of ivory. He would have a golden throne with gold leaves on it.

He describes his fancy dreamland as the most beautiful place in the world. He says that there would be peacocks dancing in his court. Its forests will have tigers hunting the animals. It pools will be full of great fish. he says that he would wear a grand robe adorned with golden beads. He would hold a curved sword and would go round his realm riding a chariot with seven zebras pulling it.

He says that there would be harp playing flutes and mandoline in his court. He says that the land Tartary is very beautiful. He would get pleasure from all the fascinating things present there.

The poem shows the poet's lust and desire for power and might. He wishes to become the sole and monarch king of Tartary. Tartary is a far-off full of delights and happiness. Where worries are not allowed to enter. He describes his imaginary kingdom further. He says that there would be lions roaring in the jungles of Tartary. The beautiful and charming fish will be swimming in its pools. The poet wants to be the master of all pomp and show of Tartary. He says that her slaves would give him a sweet whistle for the meal.

The night at Tartary would have even more charm than the day. There would be glowing colorful lights which would illuminate his palace. The dancers would please him with their dance.

He would be the owner of all the things like fruits, rivers, valleys, forests, clouds, air, mountains and flowers of Tartary. The birds, the lakes and the trees would be in his possession. The poem is a show of internal drives of the poet. The poet wants to be an extreme ruler of the land. He does not care for the reality and goes on with his own imagination. In fact, the poem is a beautiful piece of art by Walter De La Mare.

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