Summary of the Poem Patriot into Traitor

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The Poem Patriot Into Traitor

This poem is a monologue of a leader who is now out of power. The poem reveals the frustration and disenchants of a leader who is now regarded a traitor. His life is hit by a political turmoil and he is out of power. His collapse is painful. Now the people who threw rose petals at him criticize and attack him. He is waiting for the judgment of God.

The poem describes many ups and falls in the life of the leader. In the very narrow span of one year, the glory of the leader vanishes and he is left with nothing to give to the people. The reader enjoys every word of the poem. Every word is a story itself. This poem is a satire on so-called democratic systems of the world.


Robert Browning is a brilliant poet. His poetry describes various social and natural aspects of human life. In his poem "The patriot into traitor" he has also depicted the scenes of the life of a political leader. The poem is an illustration of political immaturity of the people of 3rd world countries.

The poem is a monologue of a political leader. He narrates his story. He says that in the early days of his political career, he has many fans. He was a famous leader of the country. People were willing to sacrifice their lives for him. They threw rose petals and other flowers on him. They adorn his way with flowers. They loved him. He says that the people were crazy to see him. They welcomed him from house-tops with flags. The leader continues to tell the story of his political climax. He says that the bells rang for his dinners and there were servants and slaves in his palace. If he had wished the people would have brought him the sun from the sky.

Instead of all this passion of the people. The leader demanded nothing from them, He himself tried to help the people. He tried to make them happy and rich. He achieved for them what he could.
Now after one year, his days have changed. He has lost his power. He is no more the darling of the people. He finds no one on the roofs to welcome him. The people have branded him a traitor. He is considered useless. Nobody wants to see him.

The leader tells that now he is walking in heavy rain. The people who were passionate about him, are throwing stones at him. They are calling him a traitor. His forehead is bleeding. The people are attacking him for his crime.

The leader fells there. he thought of his glorious regime. He reflects his success and his marvelous entry into politics. But he met a bad end. He served the people when he was in power. He sacrificed his everything for the people. As a result, he is treated as a traitor. The leaders is hopeful of a nice reward from God in the life hereafter.

The poem is a criticism on democracy in the third world countries. The poet wants to clarify the prevailing intolerance in so-called democratic practices is harmful to the soul of democracy. That is why a political leader in power is liked and appreciated. But those who are out of power are considered criminal. The people forget the favors and benevolence of their leaders. The poet wants to convey us a message that we must be tolerant and mature in politics and social life.

Dramatic irony, political satire exact and realistic expression and optimistic end have made the poem a remarkable piece of poetic art.
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