Goodbye Mr. Chips Chapter 2 Short questions answers

Please read below all important short questions with answers of Goodbye Mr. Chips novel chapter 2. Lesson 2 short questions of Mr. Chips can be download all in one PDF file. Just see the list of all chapters if you want.

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Goodbye Mr. Chips Novel for 2nd year

Here are the chapter 2 short questions notes for 2nd year English.

CHAPTER.02 Short Questions

Q.1. What was the history of Brookfield Grammar School?
It was established as a grammar school in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. It was surrounded by a line of old elms trees. The main structure of the building was rebuilt and extended in the reign of George-1

Q.2. What kind of people and professionals did Brookfield supply?
It supplied fair samples of history-making men like judges, members of parliament, colonial administrators, a few peers, and bishops. It also turned out merchants manufacturers, professional men, country squires, and parsons.

Q.3. What were the qualifications of Mr. Chips?
Ans: He was an ordinary teacher with inadequate qualification. He was simply a graduate from Cambridge. Moreover, his degree was mediocre.

Q.4. What was presented to Chips on his retirement?
Ans: In 1913, when he was of sixty five, he retired. On his retirement, he was presented with a cheque, a writing desk and a clock.

Q.5. "A decent career decently closed" Explain.
It means that Chips spent his career in a decent, honorable and graceful manner. He served Brookfield in a dignified manner and left it with honour and dignity.

Q.6. What were Chip's ambitions when he joined Brookfield?
Yes, Chips was an ambitious teacher. When he joined Brookfield, he wanted to get headship or the senior-most mastership of a first-class school.

Q.7. What was the status of Brookfield School?
Brookfield was a good school of the second rank. But lt supplied fair samples of history-making men for England.

Q.8. Write a note on Brookfield village.
Brookfield was a smal! dependent village and open fe: country. was situated on the East Coast of England.

Q.9. Write a note on Brookfield Public School.
It was a grammar school of the second rank in Brookfield. It was established in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. It produced many history making people for England.

Q.11. How a football match was made possible at the Brookfield?
It was due to the great and brave efforts of Katherine, a match made possible between Mission school and Brookfield.

Q.12. Narrate the activities of Mr. Chips after his retirement?
He invited the new boys to tea, watched their matches, dined with the heads and the masters, and took on the preparation of the new edition of Brookfield directory.

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