Mr. Chips Chapter 3 questions answers PDF

Below are given the short questions and answers of Mr. Chips Chapter 3 for 2nd year English. The students can now download all English Notes in PDF for 2nd year. I am have prepared notes of all chapters of Goodbye Mr. Chips novel and the student can see chapterwise important questions on this blog.

Mr. Chips Chapter 3 questions

Here are the most important questions of chapter 3 from goodbye Mr. Chips. As an FA, FSc part 2 12th class student, you have to learn important short questions of Mr. Chips for your Board Exams.

Short Questions answers

Q.1. How was the room Mrs. Wickett let to Chips? OR How was Mr. Chips’ room decorated at Mrs. Wicketts? OR  Describe Mrs. Wickett's house.
Ans: Mrs. Wickett's house was situated across the road to Brookfield. The house itself was ugly and pretentious. But that did not matter. It was convenient for Mr. Chips. The room Mrs. Wickett let to him was small. But it was comfortable and well lit. His room was decorated simply with schoolmasterly taste.

Q.2. What would Mr. Chips do during mild afternoons while at Mrs. Wickett's? 
Ans: Whenever the weather was mild enough, Chips would go to the playing-fields and watch games. He liked to smile and speak to the boys there. 

Q.3. How did Mr. Chips entertain his students at Mrs. Wickett's house? OR How did Chips meet the newcomers? 
Ans: Mr. Chips made a special point of getting to know all the new boys and having them to tea during their first term. He always ordered a walnut cake and during the winter term, there were crumpets too. He sent them off at 5 o’clock.

Q.4. What would Chips ask the new boys who came to see him? 
Ans: Mr. Chips asked the boys about their hometown. He also asked whether they had any family connections at Brookfield. 

Q.5. What did the boys comment after tea with Chips? 
Ans: They enjoy the company of Chips and the taste of the tea. They call him a decent boy. They make fun of how Chips remember when to push them off

Q.6. What did Branksome tell Mr. Chips? 
Ans: He told Mr. Chips that he was the nephew of Major Collingwood who was an old student of Mr. Chips. Once Chips had thrashed Collingwood for climbing on to the gymnasium roof to get a ball out of the gutter. He might have broken his neck. 

Q.7. What did Mr. Chips tell Mrs. Wickett about Major Collingwood? 
Ans: He told her that once he had punished Collingwood for climbing on to the gymnasium roof to get a ball out of the gutter. He might have broken his neck. 

Q.8. Who was Mrs. Wicket and what were here service for Brookfield and Mr. Chips?
Ans: Mrs. Wickett was the landlady of Mr. Chips. She had worked as the in-charge of the linen-room at the school before she left the job. She let a room to Chips after his retirement and served him till his death. 

Q.9. What was the financial condition of Mr. Chips after retirement? 
Ans: Mr. Chips had no financial worries. His pension was enough. He had also saved He could afford everything and anything he wanted. 

Q.10. What kind of books did Mr. Chips have in his room? OR What kind of books did Chips read?
Ans: Chips usually read classical books. There were a few books on history and belles-lettres. There was also a pile of cheap detective novels in his room.

Q.11. What were Chips' views about Latin and Greek? 
Ans:  Mr. Chips thought that Latin and Greek were dead languages from which Englishmen ought to learn a few quotations. Despite teaching for a long period, he was not a good classical scholar. 

Q.12. What was the misconception about Mr. Chips' marital status?
Ans: People thought that Mr. Chips was a bachelor. This was oddly incorrect He had married but it was so long ago that none of the staff at Brookfield could remember his wife. 

Q.13. Who was Major Collingwood?
Ans: Collingwood was an old student of Mr. Chips. Mr. Chips remembered him very well because he had thrashed him once for climbing onto the gymnasium roof to get the ball out of the gutter. He might have broken his neck. Later. he joined the army. He died in Egypt during World War I.
Q.14. Why did Mr. Chips choose to live at Mrs. Wickett's? OR Why did Mr. Chips live at Mrs. Wickett’s house after retirement?
Ans: Mr. Chips chose to live at Mrs. Wickett's because it was convenient. Living across the road to Brookfield provided Chips an opportunity to keep close contact with Brookfield.

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