2nd year chemistry past papers MCQs, Short and long questions

Below is the link to download important objective guess and MCQs, short questions and important long questions of chemistry 2nd year class 12th F.Sc Part 2. 

Now these are important solved MCQs, Short questions, and long questions which have frequently been asked in past papers. You can download them in PDF below.

2nd year Chemistry Past papers pdf download

As Zahid notes keep on providing quality study material to our students and teachers, these notes are also a part of our endless efforts to provide the students with quality educational resources.

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2. 2nd year chemistry notes pdf

2nd year Past Papers Short Questions List

There are 90 short questions in this PDF file. All these questions have frequently appeared in Past papers of Chemistry class 12th. But now Zahid Notes provides a list of all short questions of 12 class chemistry that have appeared in past papers.

The complete list of all MCQs, short questions and long questions that have appeared in past paper is given as a pdf. The solution to MCQs is also given. But short questions and Long Questions are unsolved.

Also: 2nd year Chemistry Textbook in PDF

12 class Chemistry Important Long Questions

Now this PDF file contains Important forever 30 long questions you can prepare to get through the exams with average marks. Below is the link to PDF file saved in my Google drive.

2nd year chemistry past paper mcqs, short and long questions pdf

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