The Killers Story Important short Quetsions answers

The Killers is a short story written by Ernest Hemingway. The writer has created a scene to tell us some facts of life. The Following are short questions and answers from the Story. These short questions may appear in exams.

The Killers Important Short Questions

Q.1. Who is the writer of the story 'The Killers'?
Ans: The story 'The Killers' has been written by Ernest Hemingway, an American writer. He a famous novelist and Nobel prize winner.

Q.2. Why is the Hotel staff unable to serve the meal to Al and Max when they ask for food?
Ans: When Al and Max enter the restaurant, It is five o'clock. They ask for the dinner items. Dinner time starts at six o'clock. So, the food is just being prepared and is not yet ready. So the staff cannot serve it right now.

Q.3. What did the Killers eat at Henry's Lunchroom?
Ans: When they were told that the dinner was not ready, they asked if something was available to eat. On their demand, they were then served with ham, eggs, and bacon. Al eats ham and eggs while Max eats bacon and eggs.

Q.4. What the Killers look like? OR Describe the appearance of the Killers.
Ans: The killers were dressed up as twins. They have different faces. They wore derby hats and black coats. They wore silk mufflers and gloves.

Q.5. Name the staff present in Henry's Lunchroom when the killers enter.
Ans: There is Sam, the cook, George, the counter boy, Nick Adams, a native customer in Henry's Lunchroom when the Killers arrive.

Q.6. Why did the Killer want to Kill Ole Andreson?
Ans: The Killers, as they revealed in the story, were professional killers. They seemed to have nothing personal with Ole Andreson. They wanted to kill him because they had been hired by someone to kill him.

Q.7. Why Ole Adreson does not take interest in Nick's news about the killers?
Ans: Ole Andreson is a pessimist. He has no hope of his escape from the killers. He has quitted struggling and is now ready to die. So, he is not interested whether someone is caring for him.

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