Critical Summary of the Killers by Hemingway

The short summary of the story The Killers has been given below for B.A students. The Critical summary is composed and written by Saif Ullah Zahid. The story revolves around a central character Ole Andreson. I have also written the Questions and answers, the theme of the story. Now you are reading the summary as well.

The Killers Short Story

The Killers is a short story by Ernest Hemingway. You can read the full-text story in another post but this post only includes the critical summary and short summary of the story.

Critical Summary of The Killers

The Killers is full of horror and suspense. The story begins when Two killers named Al and Max enter a restaurant named Henry's Lunchroom, near Chicago. They order the dinner but they are told by the staff that the dinner was not ready until 6 o'clock in the evening. They make fun of the hotel staff for their odd time schedule. They,  somehow, want to eat whatever was present at that time. They are served with ham and bacon.

After eating their meal, they get up and ask Nick Adams, a customer, and George, a hotel servant, to go behind the counter. They ask George to bring Sam, the black cook, out of the kitchen. Al goes into the kitchen and takes on Nick and Sam and ties them with a cloth. He stuffs their mouths with a cloth so that they could not be heard. Max talks to George and tells him that they are here to kill a person named Ole Andreson. They know that Ole Andreson often visits that restaurant for dinners at six. They tell the staff not to let anybody in while they are there.

They wait for the Ole Andreson with hotel staff tied and covered by guns. Ole Andreson does not come there till 7 o'clock and they have to leave. After they leave, George unties Nick and Sam. Nick, then advised by Goerge, goes to the place where Ole Andreson lives to warn him about the danger to his life. He speaks to the woman who looks after the place. She tells him that Ole Andreson has got strange behavior and is lying on the bed inside the room.

Nick goes to him tells him the whole story. Ole Andreson doesn't seem to be interested. Nick suggests that they should go to the police but Andreson doesn't want so. He tells that he has strangled in a complicated game cannot escape death. He is not ready to take Nick serious.

Nick returns to the hotel and tells George and Sam all about his visit to Ole Andreson. George says that it may be a result of double-crossing by Adreson to someone. Nick cannot bear Ole Andreson's situation, lying and waiting for death, and wants to leave the town. George supports his idea and tells him not to think too much about Ole's Dilemma.

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