The Theme of The Killers by Hemingway

The Story the Killers by Earnest Hemingway is a masterpiece of its own kind suspense and thriller stories. The writer has a unique and traditional style to deliver a message relating the real life. Below is the theme of the story.

The theme of the Story

The story tells us much about the lifestyle and attitude of the lower class of American People. The readers are kept in suspense throughout the story. In the beginning, the readers think that story has Ole Andreson and the Killers as main characters. Later, it reveals that Ole Andrson is planning for death to himself leaving the beauties of life. The writer wants to convey to us the message that satisfaction and peace in life is the actual life. The man with too many enemies cannot live a happy and long life. The Ole Andreson, instead of being the hero of the story, proves to be a sluggish, coward and pessimistic man. 

Nick Adams, is a central figure in this story who goes to warn Ole Andreson about The Killers after him. Hemingway's style and tone make us realize that Nick has neven been in such conditions before. He is the most impressed by the horror and tension created by the Killers. He is sad to see Ole Andreson lying on the bed and waiting for the death. The story shows how hard times, the ironic incidents change the attitude of the youth. That's why Nick wants to leave the town after the tragic incident. The Killers are a symbol of horror and war. Hemingway has beautifully incorporated the characters of different age, experience, and attitude to represents all the segments of society. 
In a nutshell, the story is the depiction of today's law and order situations in society and its effects on people's lives.

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