Discuss Santiago as experienced fisherman

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1. Santiago is an optimistic man. Discuss.
2. Santiago is an experienced fisherman. Discuss.

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Santiago as an Experienced Fisherman

Ans. Santiago is the central character of the novel, "The Old Man and the Sea". He is an experienced and seasoned fisherman. He has spent all his life at sea. He is quite familiar with the weather and the moods of the sea. He learns beforehand when the light breeze will blow and for how long it will continue. The Old Man is a fearless and brave fisherman. He goes 'far out' in the sea where no other fisherman can dare go. "Where are you going?” Manolin asks him on the eve of the eighty-fifth day adventure. “Far our”, replies Santiago. He sails in the sea without fear all alone for three days and three nights. This shows that the Old Man is an experienced and fearless fisherman.

Santiago has full knowledge of fishing. We know he fails to hunt a fish for the last eighty-four days. But he does not lose heart. He tells the boy that his big fish must be somewhere. The Old Man feels confident of defeating his powerful foe because he knows The Old Man number of tricks and has The Old Man life long experience of hooking fishes. The boy Manolin is fully convinced of his skill in fishing. He regards him the greatest fisherman he has known. He tells the Old man. "There are many good fishermen and some great ones. But there is only you." 

The Old Man is fully conversant with the handling of fishing apparatus. He knows at what depths he should maintain the various bats. The author tells us how Santiago handles the fishing lines. "He kept them straighter than anyone did". His technique of hooking the fish is exact but he wants luck. As for luck, Santiago expresses this opinion. It is better to be lucky. But I would rather be exact. Then when "luck comes, you are ready. He can tell the difference between the blowing noise made by a male porpoise and the sighing noise made by a female porpoise. He knows also that a male marling always lets the female feed first. 

Indeed he is an expert fisherman. He is highly philosophical and idealistic in ideas. Unlike other fishermen, he is a man of ideas. He is fully aware of the results of good or bad deeds. During his fight with the big Marlin, he prays to Mary in his own way. He at first he thinks of killing the Marlin a big sin, but later on, he justifies it as a professional act. He makes he philosophical remarks “Everything kills everything else in some way”.

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