Santiago's Loneliness and talk to himself BA English Notes

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Question: How does the Old man fight against his isolation?
Who does the old man talk to on the sea and why?

Ans: The novel "The Old Man and the Sea" deals with the loneliness and isolation of Santiago. Santiago is all alone in the world. From the very beginning, we find him lonely in the world. He is a poor person and lives in a hut. He has no friend except a small boy, whom he teaches the art of fishing. He has no amusement to delight him. He has no radio to listen to the news. He has no. shoe and has not anything to live a decent life.

The Old Man goes far out and beyond all people of the world. He is alone in the boat. He is to hunt a big fish to make his name in the history of fishing. He is alone when he is faced with that great ordeal. His left hand is cramped. The fish pulls him towards himself. He stands in the boat for three nights and three days. He is alone in his fight with the sharks also. On the arrival of Mako shark, he drives his harpoon in the shark's brain with full resolution and strength. He says "man is not made for defeat".

When he goes home after his fight with the sharks, he is beaten and defeated. At that time, he is alone. He lies on his bed with a sense of loss and waste. Throughout his fight with the fish and his battle against the sharks, he is alone and does not share the company of any human being. However, He breaks his loneliness in the following manner. 1. He lives in the company of sea birds and other sea creatures. He loves them and talks to them whenever he wants and when he feels lonely. So we can say that he is not completely isolated. 2. He enjoys the company of green turtles and hawksbills with their elegance and speed. He takes pity on the delicate dark terns and says that these birds have a harder life than of robber birds.

Important Topics from the novel the old man and the sea:
1. The old man and the sea short Summary
2. The Oldman (Santiago) is an experienced fisherman. Discuss.
3. Describe Santiago's struggle against the Marlin
4. Describe Santiago's struggle against the sharks
5. How does the Old man prove that "man is not made for defeat"?
5. Dreams of the old man
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