The Eclipse Notes for BA Modern Essay

The Modern essays for B.A Part 2 4th year English of Punjab University are given below. Just see the Important Questions and Important topics from the essay Eclipse for BA Classes below. Now prepare these important questions in Exams.

The Eclipse Modern Essay for BA

Describe the experience and feelings of people before and during the solar eclipse?

Ans: In this essay, the writer has described the event of the Solar eclipse viewed by the people of England. There were great thrill and excitement in the people. Everybody wanted to swatch it. That is why her description of the event is first-rate. The people of London gathered at the railway station. Everyone was on the road. Some were taking the trains while others were traveling by cars. There was a great activity that morning. 

The people were running towards the Rocky place to witness The great event. At that time, they stood like statues anxious to salute this dawn. They had lost their individuality. Now they belong to the world. They had come to see the rising sun just as ancient man and woman assembled to see and worship the sun. 

The sun was rising now. Its rays fell on the trees. It illuminated everything beneath it. The trees, the villages and the lakes bathe in its pale light. Sun was in its full Splendor for a few seconds. It had to raise through the clouds. The people had watches in their hands. The sun dashed through the clouds with great difficulty. It was out and bright for one moment and for the next moment, it was lost for one second. It emerged and showed itself to the crowd.

Finally, it was completely blotted out. The flesh and blood of the world were dead. Only the skeleton was left. People expected something more and extraordinary but nothing happened. However, the sun rose on the other part of the word. It illuminated the farm houses, the villagers, the railways. Once again the world was connected with the whole fabric of Civilization.

Write a note on the importance of Stonehenge discussed by the writer?

Stonehenge is a Prehistoric monument on Salisbury plane in Wilshire. Its main feature consisted of a circle of 30 upright stones their tops were linked by lintel stones to form a continuous circle. The circle of stones was 100 Feet wide. This monument was built about 1900 B.C.

Firstly: It was used as an observatory in ancient time. It was also used as a place of worship for sun worshippers. The writer and the other people stood in a line to see the sun. As the people of the ancient time stood at Stonehenge to observe the sun.
Secondly: The people of old times worshiped the Sun. The writer and the other people stood there to see the sun with religious devotion. They did not worship the sun but they were very attentive to it. The sun was the good of love to them.
When the sun began to rise, everything changed. The people had a sense of relief A dim Rainbow of light appeared in the sky. Colours began to return. The fear in the people was over and their confidence was restored. The hills gained colour. The world became more and more solid. It became populous. The farmhouses, villages and railway lines once again became the center of the activity. The whole fabric of civilization was moulded. Once again the people of London realized the importance of the sun in their lives. Without it their life lost all beauty and activity. Without Sun the earth became dead and colourless. It was the appearance of Sun which once again connected them with life.

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