10 lines on crow in English short essay

The short essay and a paragraph on the crow is given. There are two types of essays on the crow. The first one is 10 lines, 10 sentences. So, you can choose 5-6 lines as you wish and the whole 10 lines for some higher grade students. The other essay is a short paragraph on crow in English. So, that may be used for class 3, class 4, class 5 students.

10 Sentences on Crow in English

1. The crow is a bird.

2. It has black colour.

3. It has a black sharp beak.

4. It lives on trees.

5. It caws loudly.

6. It has two legs and two wings.

7. It is a clever bird.

8. It is found everywhere.

9. It eats all eatables.

10. It is good learner.

A short paragraph on Crow in English

The crow is a clever and wise bird. It has a sharp black beak and strong winds. It can fly high in the air. It lives on trees and lay eggs to produce children. It is found in all parts of the world. The crows are symbol of happiness and luck. It is a very fast learner. It can observe the danger and warns other birds of it. The crow is a very old species. It has many kinds. It is an omnivorous birds. It kills the insects to eat them saving our environment. It has a sharp and distant vision.

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