10th class English guess paper 2023 pdf download

The guess paper of English class 10 2023 is given below. The guess paper included all important questions, paragraphs, summaries, essays etc for English class 10th. The guess paper is in PDF and you can download it from Zahid Notes.

10th class English guess paper pdf 2023

This is a very popular guess paper called "Kamyabi Ka Taweez" by Sir Muhammad Rafique Qadir. It is a very detailed and long guess paper completely is written in texts and the objective parts is also given with solutions. So, download the pdf and prepare this guess to get 80 % marks in your paper by only learning this guess paper.

While I have given the link to download the guess paper, You can find it here on Zahid Notes.

10th class English short guess paper 2023

Here is the shortest guess paper for those students who want to prepare for exams in a few days. This short guess paper includes less content. This can be copied as texts or you can take screenshot to save thus guess paper.

Important Short Question Answer

Page # 8 Question # 1, 2, 4, 5

Page # 44 Question # 2,5,6

Page # 20 Question # 1,4,5

Page # 52 Question # 2,3

Page # 111 Question # 1,3,4,7

Page # 72 Question # 1,2,5,7

Page # 122 Question # 1,4,5

Page # 144 Question # 4,5,6,8

Page # 133 Question # 1,4,5

Page # 154 Question # 2,5,6

Important Lessons For English to Urdu Translation


Important Summaries of Poems

Try Again & Peace

Important Essays

1. Sports & Games

2. Cricket Match

3. My Last Day At School

4. Television

5. A Rainy Day

6. My Hobby

7. Quaid e Azam

Important Urdu to English Paragraphs


Important pairs of words

Complement/Compliment,  Counsil/Counsel,  Cue/Queue,  Accede/Exceed,  Amiable/Amicable, Accept/Except,  Alter/Altar,  Bron/Barren,  Floor/Flour,  Pray/Prey,  Whether/Weather,  Empire/Umpire, Temporal/Temporary,  Fair/Fare,  Soul/Sole,  Teem/Team,  Access/Excess,  Cannon/Canon,  Mail/Male, Adapt/Adopt,  Ballot/Ballet,  Born/Borne,  Tide/Tied,  Beneficial/Bneficent,  Dear/Beer,  Vane/Vain, Lute/Loot,  Aid/Add,  Flew/Flu,  Further/Farther,  Lesson/Lessen,  Corps/Corpse,  Cease/Ceise, Way/Weigh,  Hew/Hue,  Rain/Rein,  Temper/Tamper,  Vale/Veil,  Allusion/Illusion,  Judicial/Judicious, Popit/Prophet,  Dose/Doze,  Week/Weak,  Wander/Wonder,  Right/Rite,  Dew/Due,  Accident/Inccident, Root/Route,  Cell/Sell,  Urban/Urbane,  Quiet/Quite,  Bridal/Bridle,

Detailed Guess paper download in pdf

10th class English guess paper lahore board 2023
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