10th class Urdu Important Essays

Important essay topics for 10th class for 2020 are given below. The students think that learning essays in Urdu is not a hard task and they do not pay proper attention to it. But that is totally a misconception. You cannot write a good essay if you have little information about the topic.

10th class Important Urdu essays Topics

For the last few days, I have been frequently asked by the students to update about important essay topics for board exams 2020. So, finally, I have given below the most important essays for Urdu class 10th for 2020 exams.
1. قائد اعظم
2۔ علامہ اقبال
3۔ حب وطن
4۔ تعلیم نسواں
5۔ تندرستی ہزار نعمت ہے
6۔ دیہاتی اور شہری زندگی
7۔ علم بڑی دولت ہے
8۔ ورزش کے فائدے
9۔ طالب علم کے فرائض
10۔ محنت کی برکتیں

10th class urdu Eham mazameen

  1. Quaid-e-Azam
  2. Allam Iqbal
  3. Hubbol Waltni
  4. Taleem-eNuswan
  5. Tandrusti hazaar Nemat hai
  6. Dehaati or Shehri zindagi
  7. Ilm bari dolat hai
  8. warzizh ka faidy
  9. Talib Ilm ky fraiz
  10. Mehnat ki barktein
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