synonyms and antonyms for class 10 pdf

The important synonyms and antonyms list of class 10 is given here in PDF. You can download it here from this page. I have previously updated all English notes in PDF. The purpose of Zahid Notes is to spread the knowledge and bring the latest resources into the access of all students.

10th class English Synonyms MCQs

This list of synonyms and antonyms is in pdf and you can download it free. These are over 100 synonyms and antonyms in this list given as mcqs. These are basically MCQs type notes with answers given. 95 % of the MCQs related to synonyms and antonyms will come from these notes and this list.

10th class English synonyms and antonyms

10th class English important synonyms and antonyms list

Please download the file below.

Download MCQs in PDF

You should also know that I have prepared more fresh notes for 10th class English. But this post only contains the important synonyms with answers for 10th class. Important antonyms MCQs are also given.

But let me tell you that I have prepared the best English essay notes in PDF which you can download from my website. Bu this is today that I have complete all English notes for 10th class. 

I have now uploaded 10th class English direct indirect notes today. So, go and download these notes in PDF from Zahid Notes.
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