9th and 10th Islamiat Elective textbook pdf download

This is the Islamiat Ikhtiari book in pdf. This book is for 9th class and 10th class students. You can download the book for free. There are no charges for downloading the book. All you need to do is to click on the download link and the file will be downloaded from the PCTB server directly into your phone. 

Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board is the publisher of this book. The book is being taught to the students of the Federal Board too. So, FBISE Students can also download the book and use it.

This book is for both 9th and 10th class students and the board has published a combined book for both classes. So 9th class students and 10th class students both use this same book.

9th and 10th class Islamiat Ikhtiari Book PDF

Now, the book in pdf is just a lightweight and low memory pdf file which you can download free without any charges. As PCTB is committed to providing free books to the students, we are just expanding the services of the board to spread these books on the internet so that everyone has access to these books.

You can also download: 10th class Islamiat elective notes pdf

The link to download the book is given below the image. The main thing here is that PCTB reserves all the publishing rights of the book. So, I do not claim any ownership or authorship rights. I have just linked the original book of the board here. 

The file will be downloaded from its original host. To download the book in pdf, please click the download pdf link below the image.

9th and 10th class islamiat ikhtiari book pdf download

Download PDF

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