Never tell a lie English moral story

This is an interesting short story wit the moral lesson "Never tell a lie." The story has been written by Saif Ullah Zahid and is not available in the books of stories for kids by the author. Saif Ullah Zahid has written the short moral story in English for primary school students and the general public. So, I hope you will like the story:

Never Tell a Lie Moral Story

The complete story on this moral lesson is given below. The story is about a boy who always told lies. This short story about telling lies gives us a lesson that we do not tell a lie. The ending of the story gives us a good moral lesson. So, here is your story below.

The story of a boy who always told lies

There lived a boy in a village. He had a bad habit of telling lies. He always lied to others and made fun of them. He used to take his sheep to the nearby forest for grazing. He daily went to the forest with his flock of sheep to graze.

One day, as he was grazing his sheep, he had a plan in his mind. He planned to fool the people of the village. He cried loudly, "the lion! , the lion! please help!" He cried again and again in a loud voice. The villagers heard the boy crying for help. They ran to him with guns, axes, swords, and hammers to counter the lion and save the boy. 

When they reached there, the boy look at them and laughed. He said, "you are poor innocent people. I was just kidding. There is no lion here." He began to laugh aloud. The villagers were angry. They went back.

A few days later, the boy did the same. Again he villager came to help him but there was no lion. They went back cursing the boy. 

Three or four days later, a real lion came there. The boy was much afraid. He started crying for help. He shouted to the villagers, "help! help! there is a real lion here. I swear I do not lie this time" But the villagers thought that the boy might be kidding and joking to them. They heard him crying for help but they remain busy in their chores.

The boy saved his life by climbing a tree. The lion killed many sheep of the boy. When the lion went away. the boy got down the tree and went to the village. He complained to the villagers for their careless behavior. They all told him that his lies caused his damage. 

The boy was ashamed of his own acts. He promised the villagers and himself that he will never tell a lie.

Moral lessons: 

  • Never tell a lie
  • One time liar is always a Liar
  • Lying is self-deception
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