PPSC Recruitment process and merit calculation 2020

I have explained here the process of PPSC test conduction, passing marks, interview marks and recruitment and selection. Here the Govt has announced various jobs for Lecturers and I have been preparing notes for those subjects and MCQs with PPSC past papers. So, now I have made this guide to give you complete information about PPSC recruitment criteria and procedures.

PPSC Selection and Recruitment Process

Here I have explained each and everything you need to know about PPSC and the lecturers' jobs in PPSC 2020. PPSC has recently announced Lecturer jobs in 2020.

PPSC selection process and passing marks for interview

PPSC Recruitment process complete information in Urdu

The information given here is provided in both Urdu and English. The process of test conduction and important information about the PPSC selection process is given here. This post includes information about PPSC passing marks, interview marks, and other related information.

PPSC exams complete information about merit calculation

First of all, you have complete information about the method and process of selection and recruitment for the PPSC. PPSC follows the following procedure for merit and recruitment:

1. PPSC takes 100 marks of paper for every job test.

2. Passing marks for the PPSC exam are 40. (out of 100)

3. Half of your marks i.e. 50 % of your obtained marks are added to PPSC merit. For example, if you got 72 marks than 36 marks will be added to the merit

4. Five candidates against every post are called for the interview. For example, if there are 40 seats then the top 200 candidates of written test will be called for the interview.

5. Marks from all of your educational degrees from Matric to Masters are included in merit. These are generally between 32 to 36 scores in merit. These are nearly the same for all candidates. These marks did not make a significant difference.

6. PPSC Interview has total of 100 marks and passing marks are 50.

7. Final merit is made adding written test marks, educational degrees marks, and interview marks, (and experience marks if the post needs experience).

8. The toppers of final merit are sent job offer letters. The top number of candidates equal to the number of posts is sent job offer letters.

9. If anyone of the eligible candidates refuses to join, then the candidate below those top, for example, 40, which is on number 41 is sent a job invitation letter and so on.

10. PPSC does not see if a candidate has been a regular student of a university or a college or he/she has been a private student. The commission has its own criteria. Whoever fits in this criteria is selected for the job.

Important note:

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PPSC selection and merit complete information in Urdu

Below is the complete information about PPSC in Urdu. Take a screenshot or open the image in a new tab or window.

PPSC lecturers job recruitment process and merit 2020

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