PPSC exam preparation guide and tips 2020 in URDU and English

In this post, I will give you simple tips to clear the PPSC exam. These tips are in Urdu and English. You can follow these rules and tips to pass PPSC exams. It did not make the difference whether you are going to take your PPSC exam for lecturer job or any other assistant level job or any type of PPSC job, these tips will help you pass the test and the interview.

PPSC test preparation 2020

The more time you give to your subject the more marks you will get and hence more chance of a job. So, here I am going to explain how to prepare for the PPSC exam. There is no magic in it. Simply follow my instructions and you will clear your PPSC test easily. But first of all, let me tell you that it is equally important to know about the recruitment and selection process of PPSC so that you may prepare accordingly. 

How to pass the PPSC exam 2020

 Passing your PPSC test is not the achievement that guarantees you the job. But passing a written PPSC test is the first step towards success. But not all the candidates who pass the PPSC test are called for the Interview. So, you have to learn how this process works. Here are the Test preparation tips for 2020 both in English and Urdu.

PPSC study tips and how to preapre for ppsc

Effective tips to prepare for PPSC test 2020

Here are the tips for good preparation of PPSC exam:

1. Work hard

Remember that an intelligent candidate can fail but a hard-working candidate should not fail in the exam. If you really give good time to your study, then you will pass the test easily.

2. Study all relevant Material

If you are preparing for a test under a specific subject or job category, You should read all the relevant material. For example if you are preparing for the test for Lecturer in Urdu, you should study all material like Urdu literature, biographies of Urdu poets and authors, etc. So, try to cover the topic as much as you can.

3. Be confident and motivated

You should believe in yourself that you will pass the test. Belief is the first thing that matters a lot. If you are an optimist and have confidence in your abilities, then you will surely pass. If you keep yourself confident of the success, it will give you motivation.

There are also candidates who believe in fake news of corruption in PPSC. Cast these rumors aside and believe that there is no corruption and full merit is considered while recruiting the candidates. If you fall prey to these fake news and rumors, it will kill your motivation and you may not prepare your test with zeal.

4. Do group study and discussions

If you have some friends who are preparing for the same test, it is better to discuss the concepts with one another. Try to make study groups whether virtual or physical to discuss important topics. Group study helps a lot in absorbing concepts and building a good understanding of the subject. Moreover, group study increases the stamina of focus. 

5. Start Preparation in Time

If you are determined to get a good job through PPSC, neven wait for the job advertisement. Start your preparation in time and get as much time as you can for the preparation of the test. 

Many candidates do not open a book before the jobs are announced. They waste a lot of time. Resultantly, they are left with a few days for the preparation of the exam. So, start your preparation along what you currently do. You will feel your knowledge increasing day by day and your mind will train to get new knowledge day by day.

6. Make a strategic study plan

By a strategic study plan, I mean the plan which is made keeping in view the time, nature of the test, the books and resources available, the opportunities, and the past papers. You can analyze the Past papers of PPSC and draw your own study plan. You can find out which type of questions are more frequently asked.

You can find out which book is best for preparation, which topic is more covered in past papers, which important days and years are to remember etc. In this way, you can study more relevant material than wasting time on useless topics.

7. Improve your self-confidence

This quality is also important in interview. No issue if you give a wrong answer in the interview. But your confidence level should be high so that you can tackle this problem. So, confidence plays a big role in the Interview.

8. Choose good books

I would recommend choosing the books of Caravan or Mr. Imtiaz Shahid. Mr. Imtiaz Shahid has vast experience in this field and Caravan is also famous publisher. So, choose the books of any one of these two. You can check our PPSC books in PDF to free download them from this website.

9. Pray to God

Say prayer regularly and pray to God for your success. Ask your parents to pray for your success. Keep good behaviour with your parents and try to get their love and blessings. 

Keep others happy and do not wish ill of anyone. It will give you mental satisfaction which will help your mind stay in good mood. resultantly, you will have more energy to learn the concepts and study more material.

PPSC Exam Study tips 2020 in Urdu Download

The Urdu version of these instructions and tips is given below. You can open the image in a new tab or take a screenshot of the page.
ppsc test preparation tips in Urdu 2020

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