1st year class 11 Arabic textbook pdf

 It is not surprising that many students looking for an Arabic Elective book called "Hadiqat Ul Adab" issue by Punjab boards. But the latest version of Arabic Ikhtyari book for 1st year class 11 has not yet been found by many students online. 

That is why I have given you here the book you are looking for. Zahid Notes is now the only website which have uploaded all textbooks of class 11 by Punjab Board in pdf and even arts subjects have been covered.

1st Year Arabic Textbook pdf by Punjab Textbook board 2020

Please note that this book is also called " Hadiqat ul Adab". This is Arabic name of the book and you may find this book on PCTBs official website too.Now for this reason you may not find this book on as many websites. You can now download the book in PDF from Zahid Notes here on this page.

Inter part 1 class 11 Arabic Text Book pdf

The book you are looking for is given below the image as a download link provided in the button. 1st year Arabic Book for class 11 by Punjab Textbook board and for Federal Board is given here. 

When you click on the download button the file will start download automaticall and will just wait till the download complete in the background.

1st year Arabic Textbook class 11 pdf

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