1st year Muraqa Urdu Elective textbook Punjab Board

 Zahid Notes once again presents you a unique book that you may not find on other educational blogs. 1st year Muraqa Urdu, or Urdu Elective, Or Urdu Ikhtyari is now here in pdf.

Zahid Notes now offers Urdu Ikhtiari, or Urdu elective book for class 11 (FA part 1). The students who take Urdu as an elective subjects read this book and they give 100 marks paper of this book in Part 1. Remember that only FA students can take these subjects in part 1 and part 2.

1st Year, class 11 Urdu Elective Book pdf

I do not know what to write next because the main objective of this page was to give you the complete pdf book of Muraqqa Urdu for 1st year. But I should explain some important point to you so that you may find the book and brows my website and other pages.

FA part 1 Urdu elective Book Punjab Board

The book can be downloaded from below:

1st year urdu muraqa elective ikhtiari book pdf

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