BA Part 1 Associate Degree Islamiat Compulsory Notes

 Here is BA part 1 Associate Degree Islamiate compulsory notes in Urdu. The Associate degree in Arts (ADA) was previously called B.A or Bachelor of Arts (BA). Now HEC has abolished the two year BA degree and introduced Associate Degree in Arts.

BA Part 1 Islamiat Compulsory Notes

Yes, but what would I have said if Not BA? Because the students are still searching these note entering BA instead of an Associate Degree in Arts. So, I have given this heading. But I am sure that soon the word "BA" will no longer be so much popular. We will be using Associate Degree in Arts (or in short ADA) in future.

Associate Degree in Arts (ADA) part 1 Islamiat Notes pdf

Now B.A and ADA are same from now. The notes I will upload for BA means the same for ADA. These notes are from Islamia compulsory that used to be in BA part 1.

Now let me tell you something about the notes:

About the Notes

These Notes has been prepared by Muhammad Haris Basim. He is Lecture at Newports Institute of Communication and Economics (NICE). He is also giving his teaching services to NCR, CET Intermediate College. He is part of visiting Faculty of Liaquat College of Management Sciences and City School Project.

You can find his contact and social media profiles links in the PDF document which you will download.

BA Part 1 Associate Degree Islamic Study Notes PDF

You can download the notes free of cost in pdf here on Zahid Notes.  The link to download the notes is given below the Image. Just click on the download button to download Islamic Study Compulsory Notes for BA associate Degree part 1.

BA part 1 islamiat notes for associate degree ada

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Assalamualaikum mujhe 3rd year b.a ki Punjab board islamiat elective book ka pdf mil skta hai kya