9th class English Stories notes pdf

 Now by posting the 9th class English stories notes in pdf, I have completed the 9th class notes series. Now you can see that Zahid Notes have all notes of 9th class English in pdf.

Stories Notes for 9th class English

Simply download the notes for class 9th. These are important stories that have come in previous board papers. These are the best stories notes for 9th class English.

So, some stories which you might be looking for maybe missing in these notes. But you will find all important stories in these notes. for more notes for 9th class English, you can visit the link.

9th class English Important Stories pdf download

The following stories are important for 9th class English:

1. Once a liar is always a liar

2. A friend in need is a friend indeed

3. Haste makes waste

4. Look before you leap

5. Union is strength

6. Robbers turn good citizens

7. The donkey trapped in his own trick

8. Necessity is the mother of invention

9. Pride hath a fall (clever cat and the vain fox)

10. The wolf and the lamb

11. The angel and the woodcutter

You will find all these stories in these notes. These are short stories: not too long. But easy and simple wording has been used for these notes.

The best website to download 9th class English notes is Zahid Notes.

stories for 9th class in English

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