Welcome party speech script in English

Here is a script for college/school welcome party function. The speech is in English and you can simply download it in pdf. The is a written text speech for college or school students to welcome their freshers.

College welcome party speech in English

This is basically a best message for newcomers to the university or college. The old students give a welcome party to the newcomers where they express their feelings and sentiments for the new students. This is an event where new students meet their seniors and they become intimates.

This is the speech to welcome students on thier first day at college or school or university.

Welcome Speech for College / School Students

Dear newcomers – college life exposes us to a new life – wherein we meet new people, experience a comparatively lenient environment of learning, learn a lot of new things. It not only relieves us of the strictness of school education – but also makes us responsible for ourselves. In college life, we learn about studying independently. 

It gives us the freedom to make choices – to attend the classes or not – to improve us or not – to stabilize our behavior or not. In this pursuit, those who wish to be successful, always try to exercise this freedom positively. They work for an individual and collective betterment. They try to evaluate their personalities – find out their defects and seek ways to fix them. Verily – they are the students who utilize their freedom properly.

In this phase of life, one also has to decide about his future life. One is on the point of choice as to the selection of his future career. Because immediately after it you have to jump into a particular field of life. Let it be medicine, law, language or technology. 

Therefore, only those students, who learn to assess themselves, get benefit from college life. You have to make your mind with regards to your upcoming life.

In college life, students are on the extreme point of responsibility and decision-making. Those who make sense of their purpose become successful. Those who spend their time in unproductive activities fail. 

Newcomers! Be ready for the challenges, prepare yourself for excelling, equip yourself with skills. Only by doing so you will be able to secure a successful and prosperous future ahead.

Forget the mistakes you committed in school life. They should not matter to you when you are admitted in this college. You have a new beginning. You have a new way to walk on. You have a new role to play – for yourself and others. 

Learning from previous mistakes makes an individual avoid the possibility of making them again. We are always in the process of becoming. We are always learning something new. We are always moving. So there is no reason to not grow into a better person, into a sensible human, into a responsible member of society.

Dear fellow students – never forget to learn, unlearn and relearn. Set your goals, maximize your powers, use them wisely to realize your dreams. I assure you that a thousand moments of success are awaiting you in the upcoming years. Listen to your inner voice – and just do it!

I congratulate you on getting admission to this college. All of us are looking forward to your learning, struggle, and success.

I wish you all the best!

You can now download this speech from the link given below the image:

welcome party speech script for freshers in school college 1st day

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