Farewell party speech in English for college/school students

Here is a best farewell message speech in English for school and college students. The pdf of this speech has also been given so that the students can download and take a print of it. This is best farewell speech for seniors who are going from the college.

The best farewell party speech script for students in English

This is an idea of how you can deliver a speech at your college farewell function. The new students give a farewell party to the old students leaving the school, college or university. This speech is equally fit for college and university students and also for school students.

Now here is the speech starting from the below section. You can add poetry, quotations according to your needs.

Farewell Speech for Students leaving College/school

To all the students of this institute – who are going to depart us and entering a new phase of life – we bid farewell to them. We are saddened at saying farewell to you – for you spend some remarkable years of your life here – got adopted to this environment – made new friends – met new teachers – collected several memories – experienced different happenings. 

At the same time, we are happy at saying you farewell because it is marking a new beginning in your life – a step into your career – a phase of life that would polish your skills – take you to higher destinations – bring stability to your life. Every college farewell is – therefore – a happy and sad occasion.

We – your juniors – these teachers – your instructors – this institute – your cradle of learning – will always remember you in good words. Let us confer recognition and appreciation upon you all. We would be more pleased if you keep on struggling for your dreams. Surely success comes to those who struggles for it. 

We are sure that someday you will come back to this institute and proudly tell it about the hardships of your struggle and the joy of your success. Our teachers have invested high hopes in you for your career development. 

We expect you to never forget them – for they made you what you are. You are the products of their teaching career – of their efforts – their dedication – their passion – and their sincerity to the spirit of their profession.

Dear fellow students, who are still in their college life, the life of these departing fellows is a lamp of guidance for you. They have spent time here and used their potential in studies. It is for this reason that today we are grieved and joyous for them at the same time. We have a lot of good things to say to them. 

Our teachers are fluttering with pride on seeing them completing a phase of their educational life. Their names and achievements are parallel to our institute. This is all because they have greatly contributed to the place where they came just like you to learn.

Let me conclude this with a message of hope, consistency and success. I – on the behalf of this institute and its faculty members – ask God to be with you in your struggle and bring you closer to your goals. May your thirst for learning never be quenched.

We wish you all the best!

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