Women's Day speech in English for College celebration

I have written this best and motivational speech on International Women's day. This is best speech for College function or school celebration on any Event organized on Women's day. Zahid Notes has now started providing speeches on various topics too.

Although the speech has been written in the context of Pakistan, yet anyone in the world can use this speech after making some changes.

International Women's Day Speech in English 2021

Women day speech in English pakistan college school church

Now it is 2021. You might have a function or event in your school and college on the occasion of International Women's day. NGOs often organize these events.

So, this speech is equally best for students, teachers, social workers and human rights activits. I hope you will like the speech. You can also download this full speech in English at the end of the page.

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Mr. President – on this significantly eve of women's day – I must begin with the endorsement of women as equals to males. Yes – Mr. President – keeping in view the plight of women across the globe – and in our country in particular – this endorsement is much needed. And I believe it to be reiterated – in every sphere of life – in every corner of the world – so as to equalize the status of men and women globally.

Mr. President – for thousands of years patriarchy has oppressed women, objectified them, crushed their passions, deadened their potential – and largely exploited them with its political and economic clutch. 

However, my honor, we should be grateful for following a religion which equalizes the status of women to that of men. We should be proud of our founding fathers Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal – who envisaged a constitution for the state – which ensures equal rights for men and women.

Looking back onto the history of Islam, we see women contributing largely to the development of our religion Islam. From the wealth of Hazrat Khadija to the outspokenness of Hazrat Zainab after Karbala – there was always a woman who aided the religion of God in its epoch and its zenith.

Mr. President – look at the Pakistan Movement – that claimed independence for all of us. Behold Ms. Fatima Jinnah struggling side by side with Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. 

Not only during his life, but she also continued to bring forth the legacy of her great brother. Look her efforts to restore democracy in the election of 1965.

Mr. President, but what happened? Why today – these incidents of acid throwing, honor killings, sexual harassment, curtailment of political and economic rights happen to curb our religious and national values – with regards to women? 

Mr. President, there's a great urgency to revive the ideals of feminine power from our religious and national history. Let's confer upon the same rights as promised by our religion and constitution.

Today – on the eve of women's day – let's pledge to always protect the rights of women. To struggle against the anti-women forces in society. To ensure their right to life, education and well-being. To ensure equal opportunities for them in life. To empower them. To appreciate them. To assist them in ascending the skies of glory!

Mr. President – the respectable day – let this day not be a mere day of commemoration. Turn it into a call for action. A call for woman empowerment. A call for equality. A call for the rights of our mothers, sisters and wives. A call for humanity! Thank you very much!

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