Kashmir solidarity day speech in English

 Here I have posted a best and emotional speech on 5th February Kashmir solidarity day. This speech can be used by any student who wants to address at a school or a college function. Schools and colleges organize functions, debates and speech competitions on Kashmir Day on February 05 every year.

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Speech on Kashmir solidarity day in english

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Althoug you can read the full speech here but you can also download it as a pdf file. The full and complete speech is given. This is best, motivational and emotional speech on Kashmir day celebrations.

Best emotional Speech on Kashmir day in English

Mr. President – the respectable audience – let me today – on the eve of Kashmir Day – draw your attention to the plight of our Kashmiri brethren. Hearken to the shots of bullets, crackles of clubs, fierce sounds of explosions, screams of children, sighs of mothers, and silenced voices of resistance against oppression.

Mr. President! For more than seventy years have our fellow Muslims been denied their right to be sovereign. Seventy years – Mr. President – in these seven decades – they have made countless sacrifices – countless mothers have lost their sons – enough blood of theirs has been spilled until now. Nevertheless, the struggle goes on. 

My honor, Kashmiris have done what they could. But the history brings to light the question: O Pakistanis, what have you done for your fellow Kashmiris? They have suffered for a long – just because of their demand for annexation to Pakistani. What have you given in return? 

Let's recall today the message of Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who, while addressing the Kashmiris laid the course of action for all of us. While addressing the Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference on 26 Oct 1946 – he remarkably said: 

My message and earnest appeal to Muslim leadership in Kashmir is: Organize your people, educationally, socially, economically and politically and set your hand on constructive nation building programme.

Mr. President, we need to revive our conscience, awake our senses and follow the call to action. This day should not merely be a commemorative day. It should be the day of allegiance. The day of pledging allegiance to the cause.

Kashmir will never be sovereign, Mr. President, unless we get to fix the internal cracks in Muslim Ummah. Unless the sectarian fire is extinguished. 

Unless our Muslim stakeholders take pain for Kashmiris. Unless the Kashmir dispute is voiced well in the international community. Unless the world comes to know the heinous atrocities of so-called democratic India in Kashmir over seventy years. Unless we are united. Unless we are devoted.

Let's make a vow to God, to our conscience, to our blood – for surfacing the Kashmir issue with all zeal and zest. 

With the immense hope that one day the sun of independence will dawn upon the beautiful valley. And our fellow Kashmiris will have a peaceful and prosperous life. As Faiz Ahmed Faiz writes: 

And we oppressed

Beneath our feet will have

this earth shiver, shake and beat

And heads of rulers will be struck

With crackling lightening

and thunder roars.

Indian throne will soon be reduced to ashes; Kashmir will be ours! Pakistan Zindabad! 

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