BA part 2 Imraniat optional guess paper 2022

 The guess paper for BA part 2 imraniat optional is given. Sociology optional important questions list is given in this page. The guess paper for BA associate degree part 2 exams 2022 is here. This guess paper will give you an idea of which questions are important for university exams 2022.

B.A (Associate degree) part 2 Sociology optional guess

The guess paper is for Sociology optional for an Associate degree in arts exams 2022 for Punjab University, Sargodha University, BZU, Okara University, Lahore University, Karachi University etc.

The list of important questions for B.A part 2 Imraniate is given below.

BA part 2 Imraniat optional important Questions

1st of all you can download the following image and save it in your phone. The important questions for 2022 has been written on this image.

BA part 2 Imraniat optional important Questions

Secondly, you can copy the list of the following questions to your notepad to save this guess paper.

1. What is society? Write the characteristics of traditional and modern society.

2. Give the functions of the family as an intitution.

3. What is meant by social change? explain the factors affecting social change.

4. What is meant by primary and secondary groups?

5. Narrate the advantages and disadvantages of ethnocenterissm.

6. What is social interaction? describe its elements and types.

7. Describe the elements of culture and also explain the characteristics of the culture.

8. What are the factors affecting socialization? Also, explain the different sources of socialization.

9. What is sociology? Give its scope.

10. The differences and similarities of Sociology with psychology, political science and economics.

11. Define status and status role. Also, explain the factors determining ascribed status and achieved status.

12. Describe the role of social institutions in the progress of society.

13. Discuss the types and characteristics of personality.

Now you can see both English medium and urdu medium guess papers are given.

There is a 100 marks paper of sociology for BA part 2 an optional subject. The guess paper is best and 100% inshaAllah.

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