Letter to father writing him about your health and studies

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Write a letter to father about your health and studies

This letter has been written by a son to his father telling him about his health and studies. The students can read this easy and simple letter to have an idea how they would write a letter on this topic in exams.

Examination Hall,



Dear Father,

How are you? How is the mother now? I found your letter yesterday. It is your kindness and love which fills me with energy and passion. Your letters always bring me joy.

Dear father! I am alright here. My progress in my studies is very good. I take classes regularly. I give proper time to my studies after school time. I have two best friends. They both are excellent students. We do group study and exchange our concepts. It gives us a deep understanding of the concepts.

I am fully aware of your expectations from me. I am trying my best to top the school this time too. My health is better than before. I feel full of energy. I take good care of my diet. I eat healthy food and avoid junk food.

I take exercise and go for a morning walk daily. So, things are absolutely right here. I will come home after my final term exams. The exams are expected to be held next month.

Pay my regards to mother. 

Your son,


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