Letter to your friend asking him to lend you some books

 Here is an example letter from a friend to another friend asking him to lend some books. Borrowing books from friends is a common practice in Pakistan. That is why this letter has been included in the English syllabus for 1st year (class 11). Now this smart syllabus letter have been published on Zahid Notes.

A letter to a friend requesting him/her to lend you some books

This letter has been written to a friend requesting him/her to lend you some books. Then you will return the borrowed books to him. The English smart syllabus of class 11, 1st year has this letter topic. So, I have written it here to help the students.

Letter to a friend to borrow books from him

Examination Hall,


February 07, 2021

Dear Friend!

How are you? Congratulations on the new job. I am happy to know about your successful job test and Interview. Your hard work brought you the fruit. 

You once told me that you have excellent books on current affairs and General knowledge. I am sure these books have helped you pass the PPSC exams with distinction. 

As you know, I have applied for the post of Assistant Director in the Community Development Department. I have decided to improve my General knowledge. It will help me in my PPSC exam which is going to be held on 15 next month. 

I request you to lend me some great books which you have on General knowledge and Current affairs. I will be thankful to you for this favour. Books are great assets I know. I will keep your books safe. I will return the books to you as soon as my PPSC test is taken.



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