Letter to your younger brother suggesting some methods to improve English

 Her is another letter from the English smart syllabus for class 11. 1st year English smarts syllabus 2021 letters are written on Zahid Notes and you can easily download all letters notes in English. This letter has been written by an elder brother/Sister to his/her younger brother/sister to suggest him/her some ways to improve his/her English.

Letter to younger brother suggesting him how to improve his English

Now the letter is an example which shows you how you will write a detailed long letter to your younger brother or sister on how to improve in English. If your younger brother or sister is weak in English, you can advise him/her to imporve his English by giving some tips and ways to make his English better.

Letter to younger brother/sister suggesting methods to improve English

The letter goes below:


Examination Hall,


February 08, 2021

Dear Ali,

I hope you are fine and enjoying good health. From the last letter that I received from the mother, I came to know you have failed your English midterm exam. This brought me no disappointment. It forced me to write to you as soon as possible to express my concern.

My dear, I am writing to you to suggest to you some of the methods to improve your English. 

First of all, consider it like any other language. It is not rocket science. You just need to learn the basics of it and start practicing it in reading, writing, and speaking. I ask you to buy a quality English grammar book.  It would help you in understanding the basic constituents of the language. 

Try to maximize your reading scope and spend your pocket-money on buying books. Start reading English short-stories. You can begin with Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince. Reading will allow you to learn new words and understand the grammatical formation of the language. 

Whenever you read a new word, consult any reliable dictionary; always try to read meanings in English. After learning a new word, practice making correct sentences. Keep your focus on learning one word every day. 

Reply to my letter after a week of receiving it and tell me about the changes you notice in your language. Convey my salaam to everyone at home, particularly Ammi and Abbu.

With best wishes,

Your Brother,



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