Multi topic Letter to Editor example and format for BA English

 This an example of how you will write a letter to the editor for BA English. Associate degree in arts students have to write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on any social issues. So, the letter to the editor is given for negative issues. This letter fits to many topics. It is a general multi topic essay for Associate degree in Arts (BA) English.

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B.A English multi topic letter format

B.A English multi topic letter format

The letter can fit to the following topics:

1. Discriminating attitude of police

2. Begging

3. Over loading and over charging

4. Traffic mess

5. Addiction of smoking and other drugs

6. Rising prices

7. Terrorism

8. Unhygienic conditions

9. Population explosion

10. Strikes

11. Deplorable conditions of roads

12. Traffic violations,

13. Extravagant fashions

14. Rash driving

15. Traffic jams

16. Noise pollution

17. Energy crisis

18. Unemployment

19. Publishing

20. Sensational news

21. Bribery

22. Corruption

23. Hoarding

24. Profiteering

25. Smuggling

26. Nepotism

27. Jobber,

28. Dowry

B.A English letter on negative issues pdf

The letter starts from below:

Written by: Prof. Muhammad Aamir Shahzad (0345 – 2627801)

Examination Hall,
City (ABC)
January 20, 2010

The Editor,“The news”,

The Director-General,
Multi-National Company,

Subject: Letter or application to --------------------------

Respected Sir,

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to invite the attention of the authorities towards the deplorable problem/ evil of ----------- prevailing in our society.

As you know, Pakistani society has, of late, been afflicted with (affected) the severe social problem of -------------------------, addiction of drugs, poor political system, severe terrorism, rising prices in daily items, traffic mess, discriminating attitude of the police towards civilians, overloading and overcharging of fares, etc.

Above all, today, the matter of ---------- is under discussion. It is demon devouring our society.

Government officials can do nothing to uproot it. Even the genuine and fair piece of work is put to a halt in red-tapism.

Masses are fed up of the government officials and their corruption. The higher officials do not pay attention to the public complaints. Even the public representatives and politicians are involved in corruption. They are dishonest. Therefore, any social evil cannot be eradicated so easily.

The father of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam, had warned the nation at the very outset of all the problems. He had asked to government. To curb them with an iron hand. The nation is sinking deeper into these problems day by day.

It is, therefore, suggested that the nation needs honest, sincere, resolute, and dedicated leadership to get rid of all the evils and problems found in the society. The government and media should play their positive role in this regard.

Let’s hop, the authorities concerned ------------------ will feel their duty in best of national interests lest some epidemic should carry off a large number of people.

Thanking you in anticipation.



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