Multi Topic essay for BA English on positive topics

Here is a multi topic English essay for BA English. This is general all in one general essay that fits many topics. This is for negative issues and problems. The topics of the essay are also given before the essay.

Multi Topic Essay for BA English PDF Download

Here is an essay for BA. The 2nd year students can also use this essay template. The topics for the essay are given below:

General essay for Multiple topics

This essay can fit in the following topics:

1. Leisure
2. Cleanliness
3. Self-Reliance
4. Morality
5. Honesty
6. Charity
7. Happiness
8. Good manners
9. Dignity of Labour / Work
10. National Unity
11. Value of Discipline
12. Contentment
13. Knowledge is Power
14. Optimism
15. Hope
16. Friendship
17. Impact of Education
18. College Life
19. Pakistani Culture on Society
20. Media-Press or Electronic Media
21. Islam
22. Education\Education for all
23. Advertising
24. Life is a struggle
25. Importance of Reading
26. Ideal Student
27. Spare Time
28. Power of Electronic Media
29. Cloture of tolerance
30. Childhood
31. Old Parents
32. Working Women
33. Media and Society
34. Computer Revolution.


1. Introduction.
2. What is ______________?
3. Definition of _____________
4. Life without _______________ has no significance.
5. Life without _______________ is like a ship without rudder.
6. _____________ is out of the greatest gifts of God.
7. It is ____________ that sustains the balance of social life.
8. It induces man to do great things.
9. Various advantages and benefits.
10. Conclusion.

The essay with quotations

_____________ has great significance and value in man’s world. Man’s life seems to be incomplete without it. It is acknowledge that _____________ has become the integral part of today’s man. Our condition in life becomes easy and comfortable. It sustains life as bread does. It _______________ that gives us strength, energy and determination. It creates an incentive to work.

Therefore, it is inevitable is the life of an individual and in society. It is said:

A Contented mind is the blessing a man can enjoy in this world. (Joseph Addison)

Life without _____________ is like a ship without a rudder. Just as it is impossible for a ship to sail over the sea without a rudder. In the same way, it becomes difficult for a man to get through the passage of life heroically without ____________. It is _____________ that helps a man to put the flag of triumph high. Man can raise the standard of life and can attain peace and prosperity. Life is sure to become a hopeless wreck, if it is without ______________. Benjamin says.

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.

____________ can become the crown and glory of human life. The whole universe can be ruled and governed by ________________. We can acquire this gift of God Almighty by dint of devotion, purity of though and sincerity of heat. All human beings whether it is rich or poor, upper or lower. Black or white needs to adopt _____________. So it is the destination of all mankind the part that____________ in life can never be fully estimated or enjoyed.__________ is therefore one of the greatest gifts that God has bestowed upon us.

________ is a secret and mystery of happy and successful life. The past history of man society, religiously or culturally reveals that it has provided great success to the man. When __________ as basic principle of their lives.

No human being, however great, or powerful, was ever so free as a fish. (John Ruskin)

Human life is the combination of opposites. Every picture of life gives different. Shades of colors. When we concentrate on one side of picture. The other side may be ignored or hidden. Necessary in human life and ____________ maintains the balance in human’s life. It gives us great benefits.

Life, whether it is of individual or a collective, is a chain of trials. Sorrows and adversities are part of life. Very often man is disheartened. It is ______________ that come to his rescues and inspires him. ______________ teaches patience and endurance.

____________ helps us in the acquisition of wealth, rank and reputation. It matures our understanding and wisdom. It matures us better, happier and more useful.

We may conclude, _________________ is significant for the success and glory of life. Both individual and the nation rely upon it. Importance of ___________ is now self-evident. We can follow the principle of _________. Indeed _________ is the discipline for the avenue of life.

The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. (Disraeli, British Politician)
Written by: Prof. Muhammad Aamir Shahzad (0345 – 2627801)

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