English First Year Book-I complete Notes answer questions PDF Book

Here are the notes of important questions for Book-I for intermediate part-I Students. This a complete PDF book you can download for free. Everything on this website is free, so please do us a favor to us by clicking on some ads you see on this website. This is the only source we manage to give you everything free.

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Download complete English Notes for the Book-I for First-year students in PDF format. This book includes question answers from the Book-I and additional questions. The book is written by Saif Ullah Zahid and published by Zahid E Notes. Download PDF book here and read it on Smartphone.

English Book-I First Year Notes

English Book I Notes PDF Book

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Important Note:

You can write an essay yourself if you have good grammar knowledge and sound vocabulary. You can write on any topic with deep understanding and grip over grammar. To grip your English Grammar, I recommend studying our Unique Smartbook of English Grammar that has exclusively been written for intermediate students. You can also study my list of prefixes and suffixes to enrich your vocabulary.

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