How to Write - All English Composition Tips

How to Write - All English Compositions Tips

This post contains various links to other posts each describing a single type of English composition like an essay, story, dialogue, play, poem, letter, application, song, precise, note, etc. This post will lead you to the professional tips about English composition with examples. Now you can follow your desired link to read about any type of English composition.

How to Write An Essay
Type of essays
Argumentative essay
Descriptive essay
Narrative essay
expository essay
Written Examples of Essays

How to write a Story

Funny story
Horror story
Social story
Written Examples of Stories 

How to Write a letter

Formal letters vs informal letter
  1. Sample business letters
Informal (personal) letters
  1. Sample informal/personal letters

How to write a dialogue

How to write an application

To the principle of your college
1. Written sample applications to the principal of the college
To your boss
To any Govt official

How to write a play

How to write a Song

How to write a poem

How to write a summary

Summary of poem
1. written examples of the summaries of the poem
Summary of Play
Summary of Essay
1. written examples of summaries of essays
Summary of Novel
Summary of a Book (review)

How to Write a Precise

How to Write a Book

How to write a Book Title

How to Write a blog post

How to write an Article

How to write about an Exhibition

How to write C.V

How to write a cover letter

How to Write an Invoice

How to write a Resignation Letter

How to write Writing
How to Write English

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