Sir Alexander Fleming by Patrick Pringle Summary

Here is the summary of the essay Sir Alexander Fleming written by Patrick Pringle. This is a short summary of the essay. This essay is included in Book II for Second Year students. You can learn this summary and make your own notes.

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Sir Alexander Fleming Essay Summary

This is a very informative essay by Patrick Pringle. The writer says that germs were discovered by Pasteur and were killed by Lister. They both revolutionized the theory and practice of medicine. Luis Pasteur discovered that disease caused by germs. Lister introduced the first method to prevent germs from entering in the skin while operating a patient. He sterilized his instruments with carbolic acid and used carbolic acid to kill the germs from his hands and on patient's skin. This is what called the antiseptic method.
The antiseptic method could not prevail as it also damaged body cells. Later,  the defense system of the body, leucocytes were discovered. the problem was to find something that would kill the germs without harming the leucocytes.
Sir Alexander Fleming joined the staff of the Inoculation Department of St. Mary's Hospital. He then worked in Wright's laboratory for eight years. He sought to find the means to aid the leukocytes in their fight against invading bacteria. By 1914 Lister's antiseptic method was replaced by the aseptic method.
Medical officers treated infected wounds by the only method they knew, with chemical antiseptics. experiments were made with different chemicals and one after another became fashionable and they gave way to the next. 
At thirty-seven, Fleming went back to St. Mary's and continued research and discovered penicillin-not a chemical like carbolic acid but a natural antiseptic.
The problem was to make concentrate the penicillin to use it in the treatment of the disease. Oxford team did this task and achieved it. in 1945 Fleming was awarded Noble Prize for his discovery.
Fleming was given a great gratitude for this discovery but he humbly said that that gratitude was not due to him. He called it a natural gift. He said that nature made penicillin and I had been accused of inventing penicillin.

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