Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining Essay

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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

The proverb means that every dark aspect has a bright aspect on its back. There is a new era after a gloomy, sad time.


We all observe when there are clouds in the sky, there is a silver lining around their tops which is an indication that sun is present behind them and it will appear once the clouds have gone away. Now, this is the picture of the reality of the world. It tells us that there is a morning of every dark night. It is basically the natural law that circumstances never remains the same. If it is a bad time, then there comes a good time next. Proverb gives us hope. It is actually a motivational proverb.
Beyond each impenetrable expanse of a thundercloud, obscurity reigns a boundless canopy of brilliant sapphire blue. -Cara Fox
When we relate the proverb to our lives, we can find many examples when calamities vanished away leaving a very comfortable and prosper time. We had an example of Japan; she was hit by Atom Bomb and the death and destruction prevailed everywhere. It was the darkest time in the history of mankind. Millions of people lost their lives. Thousands were badly injured. No one could believe that all this will eventually change into a dynamic era of development and technology. Japanese rebuilt themselves and proved that the world did wrong to them.

We had another example of the deadly earth quack of 2005 in Pakistan. It totally destroyed its two cities and partially affected many cities leaving millions of the people dead, injured, crippled, and homeless. That was the deadliest earthquake in the history of Pakistan. Gradually, life started again. The cities were rebuilt, the people got busy in work again and the hustle and bustle returned to the affected areas.
The good thing about time is that it never stops. -Saif Ullah Zahid
In our lives, such moments do come when we are strangled in very difficult situations and find no way out. We must keep on with the faith that the time will pass and the situation will change.
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. -Oscar Wilde
As the clouds are the symbol of adversity, the sun is the symbol of privilege. So, No cloud remain in front of the sun forever, similarly, no adversity remains permanently. We must have a positive attitude regarding any situation we fall in. We must give a smiling face to the trouble we face, it will make it our friend.

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