Mr. Chips chapter 7 short questions

Zahid Notes provides free quality notes for 2nd year. You can now see below the important short questions answers of goodbye mr. chips novel Chapter 7. Lesson 7 is important but there are only a few questions that have been asked in previous board exams. Important short questions of Mr. Chips has earlier been published.

Goodbye Mr. Chips important Questions

Chapter 7 questions answers

Q.1. What different memories did Mr. Chips have of Katherine during a twilight at Mrs. Wickett?
In his memories, he saw Katherine rushing along the stone corridor, laughing at some mistake in the essay he was marking, playing the cello in a school concert, Katherine at the garden party and Katherine tendering her advice in various problems that arose.

Q.2. What had Katherine always pleaded with Chips regarding the boys?
She had always pleaded with Chips to forgive the students for their mistakes. She urged Chips to give them a chance. However, she asked him to tell them that they would be punished if they repeated the mistake. 

Q.3. Who was Ogilvie?
Old Ogilvie was a choir master. Mr. Chips remembered him for a funny anecdote which involved Ogilvie and Dunster. Dunster had put a rat in the organ loft when Ogilvie was taking choir practice. 

Q.4. How did Chips justify his strict discipline?
Chips defended his strict attitude by saying "For everybody's sake, we have to be pretty strict about this sort of thing. One black sheep can contaminate others." 

Q.5. What kind of musician was Katherine?
She was a good musician. She was at home in playing the cello. She took the cello part in a Mozart trio for the school concert. 

Q.6. How did Katherine influence Chips in improving his discipline?
Katherine often tendered her advice to Chips. He did not always take her advice but it definitely influenced him. In the matter of discipline she often advised him to be lenient when he was inclined to be harsh. In certain cases, she urged him to be strict when Chips wanted to be lenient. 

Q.7. What did Mr. Chips remember about Dunster and Ogilvie?
One of the little incidents that Mr. Chips remembered involved Dunster and Ogilvie. Dunster had once put a rat in the organ loft while old Ogilvie was taking the choir practice. By that time Ogilvie was dead and Dunster drowned at Jutland and other people had forgotten about it. 

Q.8. Why was the old fifth-form room called "the Pit"?
. Nobody had any trace why the old fifth-form room was called "the Pit". It was so old that people had forgotten the reason. It can be presumed that the old fifth-form room was called so because of its musty, dark and odorous atmosphere. 

Q.9. What did Wetherby comment about the Franco-Prussian War of 1870?
A war was fought between France and Germany in 1870. During his preliminary interview, Wetherby had said: "Looks as if we shall have to settle with the Prussians ourselves, one of these fine days, eh?" 

Q.10. Why could Chips not write a book of his memories?
Mr. Chips could not write a book of his because writing tired him, both physically and mentally. Besides, his recollections lost their charm and flavour once they were written down.

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