Mr Chips chapter 8 question answers

I am updating chapterwise questions answers of the novel Goodbye Mr Chips for 2nd year class 12 students. You can see other chapters below in the link and this chapter 8 questions right here on this page.

Mr Chips Chapter 8

In chapter 8 of the novel, the author has told about the death of Katherine and his newly-born child. The chapter deals with the sad and gloomy environment the death of Katherine has cast everywhere. Here are the important short questions with answers from this chapter.

Important Question Answers

Q.1. When did Katherine and her new-born child die? 
Ans: The mother and the newly born child died on April 1, 1898 during

Q.2. What did young Faulkner ask Chips on April 1, 1898? 
Ans: He asked if he might have the afternoon off and miss chapel too. go to the station to receive his family.

Q.3. Why did Chips not want to receive condolences? 
Ans: He wanted to get used to things before facing the kind words of others to others.

Q.4. What type of letters did Mr. Chips receive on 1st April 1998? OR What was the April foolery did Chips face?
Ans: He was sitting at his desk. Someone said that there were letters for him. He opened them one by one. All letters contained a blank sheet of paper. He thought that it was strange.

Q.5. When did Chips realize that the blank letters written to him were a piece of April foolery? 
Ans:  It was after many days when Mr. Chips realized that it was a piece of April foolery. Because of the death of his beloved wife and newly born child, he could not realize it immediately.

Q.6. What do you know of Faulkner? 
Ans:  Faulkner was a student at Brookfield who had met Mr. Chips on the day his wife died. He sought leave from Mr. Chips to receive his family at the station.

Q.7. What were Chips' feeling on his wife's death? 
Ans:  Mr. Chips was deeply grieved at the death of his beloved wife and his new-born child. He even wished he were dead himself.

Q.8. Describe Katherine's tragic death. 
Ans:  Katherine's tragic death made Chips deeply grieved and lonely. She and her newly born child died during childbirth on April 1, 1898. They died on the same day.

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