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Here are important short questions of goodbye Mr. Chips chapter 6 of the novel. You can download the questions answers in PDF and also copy the text to make your own notes. I can tell you that if you learn only the most important short questions of Mr. Chips you can solve this portion of your paper easily.

Mr. Chips Important Questions answers

Below are the important short questions for chapter 6.

Chapter No. 6

Q.1. What is your analysis of Chips' marriage to Katherine? OR Was Chips' marriage successful or not? OR Write a few lines about Mr. Chips' married life. 
Ans. Chips' marriage to Katherine Bridges was a great success. It brought about happy changes in his life. She made him a new man.

Q.2. How did the wives of the other masters feel at first about Katherine? 
Ans. They were tempted at first to be jealous of someone so young and lovely. However, they began to like her gradually.

Q.3. What kind of fellow was Mr. Chips before marriage? 
Ans. Before marriage, Chips had been a dry and rather neutral sort of person. He was liked in general in Brookfield but he had nothing to be popular and loved.

Q.4. What was Chips' performance as a teacher before his marriage? 
Ans. He used to repeat the same lessons every year. He worked well. He gave service, satisfaction, confidence, and everything except inspiration.

Q.5. What changes did Katherine bring in Chips? OR What influence did Katherine exercise on Mr. Chips? OR Katherine made Mr. Chips a new man. Is it true? 
Ans. She made him a new man. His eyes gained sparkle. His humour became rich and mature. He began to feel confident. His discipline improved.

Q.6. Write a note on Chips' humour. 
Ans. He made little jokes like mnemonics and puns that raised laughter and at the same time imprinted something in the mind.

Q.7. What did Katherine do to make Chips see beyond the roofs and turrets of Brookfield? 
Ans. She broadened his views. He began to realize that there was a world beyond the roofs and turrets of Brookfield. He saw his country as something deep and gracious to which Brookfield was but one of the feeding streams.

Q.8. What were the political ideas of Chips and how were they different from Katherine's? 
Ans. Chips was a conservative in politics while Katherine was a radical socialist. Her young idealism worked upon his maturity to produce a mixture so gentle and wise.

Q.9. Which team lost the match between Brookfield and the Mission? 
Ans. The East End boys were defeated by seven goals to five.

Q.10. What did the Poplar boys take with them? 
Ans. They took with them the memory of a charming woman who had met them and talked to them.

Q.11. Who was old Gribble? 
Ans. He was the school butler. He was the last man at Brookfield who knew that Chips had married.

Q.12. What do you know of the private? 
Ans. The private was one of the Poplar boys who had visited Brookfield. He had a vivid recollection of Katherine Bridges even after a lapse of two decades. He visited Chips during the Word War I. He was killed in Passchendaele.

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