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I have previously published all notes of English for class 12. Now, this chapter wise questions answers of the Novel Goodbye Mr. Chip is being published periodically. I am trying my best to complete this chapter wise series of posts in 2022. This is December and I have left with a few days and a few chapters.

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Mr. Chips chapter 9

Chapter 9 of the novel goodbye Mr. Chips is very important. It is when Katherine and her newborn die and Mr Chips is left with painful memories. The examiner can ask at least one question from this Chapter. So, the questions of this chapter are important.

Important questions answers

Q.1. Where did Chips move after his wife's death? 
Ans. Chips changed his more commodious apartment in schoolhouse for his old original bachelor quarters after the death of his wife. But he did not leave his house mastership.

Q.2. .How did Chips' house mastership prove useful after the death of his wife? 
Ans. Mr. Chips wanted to give up his house mastership after the death of his wife but the Headmaster convinced him otherwise. Later, he was glad. The work filled up the emptiness in his mind and heart.

Q.3. What changes did the death of his wife bring in Chips? 
Ans.  Just as marriage added something to his life, so did grief. After the death of his wife, suddenly, Chips became a man whom boys classed as 'old'. His discipline improved. He did not feel diffident about his work and worth.

Q.4. How did Chips see the world of change and conflict? 
Ans. He saw the world with the remembered eyes of Katherine as one may glimpse a mountain behind another mountain when the mist clears. She had left him with a calmness and a poise that accorded well with his inward emotions.

Q.5. What had Katherine left Chips with? 
Ans. She had left him with calmness and poise that accorded well with his inward emotions.

Q.6. What were Chips' views about the Boers? 
Ans. Mr. Chips was neither a pro-Boer nor an anti-Boer. But he believed the Boers were engaged in a struggle that had a curious similarity to those of certain English history book heroes.

Q.7. What did Chips say to Lloyd George? 
Ans. Mr. Chips did not follow any formalities during his conversation with the Prime Minister. He said, "I am nearly old enough to remember you as a young man. I confess that you seem to have improved a great deal."

Q.8. What sort of gown did Chips wear after the death of Katherine? 
Ans. Chips cared the least about his dress and demeanor. He wore his gown until it was almost too tattered to hold together.

Q.9. How would Chips take call-over near Big Hall? 
Ans. Chips held the school list and each boy as he passed spoke his name for Chips to verify and then tick off on the list. His verifying glance was mimicked by the students.

Q.10. Draw a character sketch of Naylor. 
Ans. Naylor was an old student of Mr. Chips who called Chips old at fifty. Later, he became a lawyer. Mr. Chips remembered him for his comment.

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