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2nd year English Mr. Chips chapter 11 questions answers are now live. These are only short question answers notes. You can see Mr. Chips chapter wise MCQs in pdf.

The main thing that I always mention in my every post is that you should not rely on learning the texts of the notes and books. Try to understand and develop the concepts and then try to write your own notes. Here are the only important short questions and answers of Mr chips chapter 11.

Mr Chips Chapter 11 questions notes

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Mr. Chips chapter 11 question answers
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Chapter 11 important questions answers

Q.1.  What do you know of Mr. Ralston? OR What kind of person was Mr. Ralston? 
Ans. Ralston joined Brookfield Public School as Headmaster in 1900 at the age of 37. He was a strict disciplinarian, ruthless, ambitious, and energetic and a fine power transmitter. He raised the status of Brookfield. He left Brookfield in 1911 to better himself as he was offered the headship of a greater school.

Q.2.  What kind of relation did Chips have with Ralston?
Ans. Mr. Chips did not like Ralston. He was not attracted by the man. But Chips served him willingly and loyally.

Q.3.  What was Ralston's urbane ultimatum to Chips? 
Ans. Ralston asked Mr. Chips to retire. Mr. Chips refused to accept his offer.

Q.4. What allegations did Ralston level against Chips? OR What was Ralston's indictment of Chips? 
Ans. Ralston said that Chips' method of teaching was old and lazy. His personal habits were slovenly. Ralston blamed him that he ignored his instructions, which was sheer insubordination.

Q.5.  How did Ralston defend his allegations against Chips? 
Ans. Ralston said that he never alleged Chips of insubordination. "I said that in a younger man I should have regarded it as that," he explained.

Q.6.  What did Chips say when Ralston told him that he had not changed his Latin pronunciation? 
Ans. Chips defended his old pronunciation by saying that it was approved by his predecessors.

Q.7. What did Ralston say when Chips said that he would not change his Latin pronunciation? 
Ans. Ralston said that he held one opinion and Chips another. He wanted to make Brookfield an up-to-date school. He said he had no objection to the classics, but the dead languages should not be taught in a dead teaching style.

Q.8.  What did Chips think at the end of the row with Ralston though he said no words? 
Ans. He thought that Ralston was running the school like a factory to turn out a snob-culture based on money and machines. He thought that Ralston was destroying the old gentlemanly traditions.

Q.9.  Whom did Ralston meet in London and what did he tell them? 
Ans. Ralston met rich people in London clubs and persuaded them to send their children to Brookfield as it was the coming school.

Q.10.  How did Chips regard the rich children whom Ralston brought to Brookfield? 
Ans. Chips thought that these children were harming the proportion or harmony. He thought they were vulgar, showy, and represented all the hectic rotten ripeness of the age.

Q.11. Did Ralston know Brookfield and its traditions
Ans. No, he knew neither Brookfield nor its traditions. He could not estimate the toughness of Brookfield traditions and its readiness to defend itself and its defenders.

Q.12. How did people come to know about the quarrel between Ralston and Mr. Chips? 
Ans. A small boy, who was waiting outside to see Ralston, heard the entire row be told his friends about it and the boys conveyed the news to their parents. The news spread around within no time.

Q.13. Was Ralston popular and respected in Brookfield? OR How much was Ralston popular and respected in Brookfield? 
Ans. Ralston was not liked in Brookfield. He was feared and respected. However, after his row with Chips, the dislike rose to the point where it conquered fear and destroyed even respect among his subordinates.

Q.14.  What was the reaction of the masters to the row between Ralston and Chips? 
Ans. The masters agreed that Chips was old-fashioned. However, they gathered round Chips because they hated Ralston's slave-driving.

Q.15. Who was Sir John Rivers, and why was he in favour of Chips? OR Why did John Rivers favour Chips?
 Ans. Sir John Rivers was the Chairman of the Board of Governors. He visited Brookfield. He ignored Ralston and went direct to Chips. He supported Chips because he thought of Ralston as too clever. He said that a fellow like Ralston wanted to watch.

Q.16. What did John Rivers tell Chips about his retirement? 
Ans. He told Chips that the Board of Governors did not like Ralston. John Rivers said Ralston was too clever. He admitted that Ralston had doubled the school endowment funds. He asked Chips not to bother about Ralston. He told Chips that he could stay at Brookfield till he was a hundred.

Q.17. How and when was Mr. Chips made Acting Head for the first time? 
Ans. Mr. Meldrum died from Pneumonia in 1900. Mr. Chips was made Acting Head in the interval before the appointment of a regular Headmaster.

Q.18. What do you know of Meldrum? 
Ans. Mr. Meldrum was Headmaster of Brookfield Public School between 1870 and 1900. He succeeded Wetherby as Headmaster and held this post for three decades. He died of pneumonia in the year 1900.

Q.19. What do you know of Grayson? 
Ans. Grayson was an intelligent student at Brookfield. His father sailed in the Titanic in its maiden voyage. Grayson was found in-attentive by Mr. Chips in the class. It was presumed that Grayson's father had died as the Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean. Grayson's father was rescued from Titanic but Grayson died during the war.

Q.20. What led Ralston and Chips into a row? OR What were the causes of the row between Ralston and Chips?
Ans. Ralston thought Chips' method of teaching was slack and old fashioned. Chips, on the other hand, did not hold with Ralston's obsession with modernism. This resulted in a row between them.

Q.21. Describe briefly Mr. Chips as a teacher. 
Ans. As a teacher, Mr. Chips was quite conventional. He did not believe in the importance of examinations and certificates as marks of education. He believed that education should be geared up to teach children a sense of proportion.

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