Mr Chips chapter 12 questions answers

This post has all the important questions answers of Goodbye Mr. Chips chapter 12 for 2nd year and 8 class. The students can see that I have been updating chapter wise important questions of Mr Chips for college students. The novel Goodbye Mr. Chips is part of syllabus of class 12 English in Pakistan.

Goodbye Mr Chips Chapter 12 Questions

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mr. chip chapter 12 notes
Here are the important questions from that chapter:

Q.1. When and why did Ralston leave Brookfield? 
Ans. Ralston left Brookfield in 1911 as he got a better opportunity. He was offered the headship of a better public school.

Q.2. Who was the successor of Ralston and what kind of man was he? 
Ans. Chatteris was the successor of Ralston. He was a young brilliant man of 34. He was a science graduate, friendly and sympathetic. He wisely accepted Chips. Chips also liked him much.

Q.3. What is the significance of the year 1913 in the life of Chips? OR What happened to Chips in 1913? 
Ans. In 1913, Chips had bronchitis and was off duty for nearly the whole of the winter term. This made him decide to resign. He was 65 then. He thought it unfair to keep going if he could not do his duty well.

Q.4. Describe the farewell speech of Mr. Chips.  OR What did Chips say in his farewell speech?
Ans. Chips made many jokes during his farewell speech. There were several Latin quotations in it. There was also a reference to the Captain of the School team. He also revisited the past of Brookfield school as a teacher. He mentioned the first bicycle, the lamp-boy, the seven-week frost, the day when the Big Hall was turned into a Hospital ward due to German measles.

Q.5. How much time did Chips spend in Brookfield? 
Ans. He spent forty-three years there. He said that he had been very happy there.

Q.6. Write a character sketch of Chatteris. 
Ans. Chatteris became Headmaster of Brookfield after Ralston left in 1911. He was a science graduate, friendly and sympathetic. He got on well with Mr. Chips. He died of bronchitis during the  World War I. He died in April 1917.

Q.7. Why did Mr. Chips decide to retire? 
Ans. Mr. Chips had bronchitis and remained off duty during the winter term in 1913. This made him decide to retire during the summer of 1913 at the age of 65.

Q.8. What happened in 1880 in Brookfield
Ans. In 1880, there spread German measles and the two-thirds of the school fell ill. The Big Hall of the School was turned into a hospital ward.

Q.9. What is German measles? 
Ans. It is a highly contagious viral disease especially of children that causes swelling of the lymphmPh glands and reddish-pink rashes on the skin. It is also called rubella.

Q.10. How did Chips describe John Rivers in his farewell speech? 
Ans. Chips did not mince any words about the Chairman of the Governors, Sir John Rivers, who had been Chips' student. Chips said that John Rivers had his hair stuck up on the top and had no idea about the difference between a Gerund and a Gerundive during his school days.

Q.11. Where did Chips go in 1913? 
Ans. In 1913, Chips went to Wiesbaden for his treatment. There, he stayed at the home of the German master at Brookfield; Herr Steafel was thirty years his junior.

 Q.12. What were the activities of Chips after his retirement?  OR How did Chips pass his retired life? OR Describe the activities of Mr. Chips after his retirement. 
Ans. He invited the new boys as well as masters to tea, watched matches, dined with the Head and the masters, took on the editing of the new edition of Brookfieldian Directory, wrote articles and read newspaper and detective novels.

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