Mr chips chapter 14 questions answers notes

This is the lesson or chapter 14 of the Novel Goodbye Mr. Chips by James Hilton. You can see below the important short questions answers notes of the lesson. These are solved questions from chapter 14 of the novel. I have been writing Mr Chips notes for all chapters and they are almost complete. Once the notes are complete for all chapters, I will publish them as pdf on this website.

Mr Chips Chapter 14 questions answers

Here are the most important questions of chapter 14

Q.1. What sort of jokes did Chips make during the war?
He made new jokes about the O.T.C. and the food rationing system and the anti-air-raid blinds that had to be fitted on all the windows during the war.

Q.2. What is meant by Chips' latest?
Chips' latest means a fresh joke by Mr. Chips.

Q.3. When did Chips become Acting Head of Brookfield for the second time?
Chatteris fell ill during the winter of 1917 and Chips became Acting Head of Brookfield for the second time in his life.

Q.4. Why did Chips not want to be the official Head of Brookfield?
He did not want to be the official head as he felt himself unequal to it. He said that he was an old man. He said that he was like all the colonels and majors — just a war-time fluke.

Q.5. What were Chips' views about bayonet-practice?
Chips did not support war. He did not mince any words when asked to comment on bayonet-practice. He said that it was a very vulgar way of killing people.

Q.6. Describe Chips' routine on his joining Brookfield School as a teacher again.
He still kept his rooms with Mrs. Wickett, he went to school daily after 10. He felt fit, taught lessons smoothly and shared jocks.

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