Mr Chips chaper 17 & 18 questions answers Notes

I have given here the important questions with answers from chapter 17 and chapter 18 of the novel Goodbye Mr. Chips here. You can see the notes easy, simple, and important.

Goodbye Mr. Chips Chapter 17, 18

The following questions can be extracted from the text of the novel. These are important questions from mr chips chapter 17 and chapter 18 of the book. 2nd year English notes for the Punjab board are given here.

Mr chips chapter 17 and chapter 18
The students can see that there are some important chapters of Mr chips novel from exams point of view. Goodbye mr chips chapter wise notes download here in pdf.

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Mr. Chips chapter 17 questions answers

Q.1. What did Chips' doctor say to him on a foggy morning in 1933?
He asked Chips if he felt hale and hearty. He advised him to keep indoors as there was a lot of flu about.

Q.2. What were the two things Chips had never done in life?
He had never travelled by air and he had never been to a talky show.

Q.3. What arrangements did Mrs. Wickett make for Mr. Chips before she went to visit her relatives?
She left the tea things ready on the table with bread and butter. She also left some extra cups in case someone called on him.

Q.4. How did Chips respond to Linford's query ?
Chips did not disappoint the young visitor. Chips said that he wanted him to have a cup of tea with him. He asked the boy to sit by the fire.

Q.5. How did Chips help Linford overcome his fear?
Chips told Linford that Brookfield would not be an awful place when he got used to it. Then he told him about his own arrival at Brookfield, and his fear when he went into the Big Hall to take his first class.

Q.6. What different matters did Chips discuss with Linford? OR Described briefly Linford's meeting with Chips.
Chips talked of Shropshire, Linford's hometown, of school and school life in general, and of the news in that day's papers. Chips also told him that he was growing up into a very difficult world.

Q.7. How did Chips feel after seeing off Linford?
Chips could not move because he was too tired. Anyhow, it did not matter; he leaned back in his chair and slept on the chair in a sitting posture.

Q.8. What did Merivale envy about Mr. Chips?
Merivale envied Chips' freedom and care-free life. He wished he could lead such a life for a day or two.

Q.9. Who was Linford?
Linford was a new boy at Brookfield. He hailed from Shropshire. He did not have any family relations at Brookfield. He had recently come out of a sanatorium. He was the last boy who visited Chips before his death.

Q.10. What did Linford's farewell meeting remind Chips of?
Linford uttered "Good-Bye, Mr. Chips" as he left. These words reminded him of Katherine Bridges who had mocked his seriousness in the same words some three decades ago.

Mr. Chips chapter 18 questions answers

Q.1. What did Chips see and say when he regained consciousness?
He found himself in bed. Dr. Merivale was there, stooping over him and smiling. Merivale asked Chips if he was feeling all right. He told him that he had fainted and Chips was lucky that Mrs. Wickett found him. Merivale asked him to take it easy and sleep again if he wanted to.

Q.2. Why was Chips surprised after he regained consciousness?
As soon as Chips regained consciousness, he tried to speak but the weakness of his voice surprised him.

Q.3. What different scenes did Chips recall before his death?
Chips saw scenes and heard voices. Kathie Playing a Mozart trio.... sound of guns.... Brookfield bells.... Jokes... You liar.... Mr. Max.... can you translate that, any of you.

Q.4. How did Chips win the attention of others when he was on his deathbed?
Mr. Chips opened his eyes as wide as he could and tried to attract their attention. He could not speak loud. He murmured something and they all looked around and came nearer to him.

Q.5. Draw a character sketch of Cartwright.
Cartwright was the Headmaster of Brookfield who succeeded Chatteris. He joined Brookfield in 1919. He had little interaction with Chips. Since Chips resigned after World War I. Cartwright never knew that Mr. Chips was married.

Q.6. Why did Cartwright feel pity for Chips?
Cartwright pitied that Mr. Chips never had any children. Mr. Chips, despite his illness, protested to this remark saying that he had thousands of children and all of them were boys.

Q.7. What did Cartwright say about Chips' children?
Cartwright whispered to Merivale that poor old chips must have lived a lonely sort of life. He also said that it was a pity chips never had any children.

Q.8. Describe the death scene of Mr. Chips.
Just before his death Chips' mind was full of dreams and faces and voices. His own words and the names of his students sang in his ears. And when he died he seemed so peaceful.

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