9th class Chemistry guess paper Urdu and English 2023

Here is a chemistry guess paper for 9th class for both Urdu and English medium students. The guess paper is for annual exams 2023 for all Punjab boards like Lahore board, Sahiwal Board, Sargodha board, Multan board, Gujranwala board etc. 9th class chemistry guess paper 2023 is given below both urdu and English version.

9th class chemistry guess paper 2023

This guess paper includes all important definitions, short questions and long questions of chemistry class 9th. Now you can download the guess paper in pdf too.

9th class chemistry important questions in English

Chapter 1

Important definition:
organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, Avogadro Number, analytical chemistry, Industrial chemistry, Atomic Mass unit, relative atomic mass, empirical formula, molecular formula, mole

Important short questions:
difference between compound and mixture, the difference between homogenous and heterogeneous mixture, the difference between homo atomic and heteroatomic diatomic molecules, the difference between atom, ion, and molecular ion, give the scope of biochemistry, the difference between atomic number and atomic mass, why we use symbols to represent the elements?

Important long questions:
1. three differences between atomic number and atomic mass
2. Detailed difference between gram atomic mass, gram formula mass and gram molecular mass.

Chapter 2

Important definitions:
Electronic configuration, electron affinity, nuclear reaction, isotopes, quantum, carbon dating

Important short questions:
defects of Rutherford's atomic model, Three characteristics of positive rays, the difference between shell and sub-shell, five characteristics of cathode rays, Uranium-235 is used for which purpose, give the characteristics of neutron particles, give the electronic configuration of Phosphorus while its atomic number is 15.

Important long questions
1. uses of isotopes
2. Atomic model of Rutherford
3. Bohr's atomic theory

Chapter 3

Important definitions
ionization energy, electron affinity, electronegativity, periodic functions, shielding effect, atomic radius

Important short questions
Why Nobel gases are not reactive, what is the difference between Mendeleev's periodic law and modern periodic law?, what are groups and periods in periodic table?, give the trends of ionization energy in groups and periods, what is meant by Dobriener's triads, give its classification, give the trends of electron affinity on groups, how Newland classified elements? why elements are called s-elements and p-elements?

Important Long questions
1. important features of the modern periodic table
2. what is meant by blocks in the periodic table and why elements are kept in blocks
3. What are the periods? explain all periods in the periodic table.

Chapter 4

Important definitions
chemical bond, triple covalent bond, hydrogen bonding, electroplating, electrochemical cell, electronegativity, polarity, Melliability

Important short questions:
what is meant by loan pair electron and bond pair electron, the difference between an ionic bond and covalent bond, characteristics if ionic compounds, characteristics of covalent compounds, characteristics of metals, two basic conditions for the formation of a covalent bond, why the metals are good conductors of electricity? difference between polar and non-polar covalent bond, why ice float on water?

Important Long questions:
1. What is the ionic bond? explain the process of formation of ionic bond between sodium and chlorine.
2. describe the process of anion formation from an atom of any non-metal
3. compare the characteristics of ionic and covalent bonds

Chapter 5

Important Definitions
Diffusion, standard atmospheric pressure, allotropy, vapour pressure, affusion, boiling point, condensation, boiling point, Boyl's law

Important Short questions
What is the relation between boiling point of any liquid and evaporation?, why gasses can be compressed?, evaporation is a cooling process. how?, On what factors does evaporation depend? what is meant by absolute zero? give three characteristics of gases, On what factors does the boiling point of liquid depend?

Important Long questions
1. Examples 5.1 and 5.2 on page 94 and 95
2. Define the boiling point and explain factors affecting it.
3. Explain Charles law

Chapter 6

Important definitions
The solution, aqueous solution, molarity, percentage solution, solute, solvent, collide, solubility, alloy, suspension

Important short questions
Difference between saturated and supersaturated solutions, the effect of temperature on solubility, difference between dilute and concentrated solution, what is Tyndal effect and what does it depend on?
how will you distinguish between solution and pure liquid?

Important Long questions
1. Effects of temperature on solubility
2. five characteristics of collides and suspensions

Chapter 7

Important definitions
electrochemistry, oxidation state, corrosion, electrochemical cell, electroplating, redox reaction, non-electrolyte

Important short questions
What is meant by an oxidizing and reducing agent? What is meant by spontaneous and non-spontaneous reactions? difference between valency and oxidation state, strong and weak electrolytes, Which byproducts are formed in Nelson'cell? Difference between corrosion and rusting, the difference between electrolytic and galvanic cell, What is the role of oxygen in rusting?

Important Long questions
1. Compare electrolytic and galvanic cell
2. Explain the difference between electrolytes and non-electrolytes with examples
3. Explain the electrolases of water in details

Chapter 8

Important definitions
Metal, metallic character, transition metal

Important short questions
Physical properties of metals, What is the relation between electropositivity and ionization energy?, Why gold and silve are very less reactive?, Write two uses for both silver and gold, what is the difference between steel and stainless steel? Give three uses of magnesium.

Important Long questions
1. Compares the properties of alkali and alkaline metals
2. Compare physical properties of metals and non-metals

9th class Chemistry Guess paper 2020 PDF Urdu Version

Here is the guess paper of chemistry in Urdu. You can download the guess paper below.

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