Take the Plung Questions answers notes for BA by Gloria Emerson

Gloria Emerson was an American author and journalist. She worked as a journalist with famous newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post. She reported many stories from the war areas, especially in the Vietnam war. She has been an excellent journalist and award winner reporter and author of her time.

Take the plung modern essay qustions answers notes pdf for BA

She wanted to do something extraordinary that could give her the most exciting experience of her life. So, she finally decided to take the plunge from a plan. This essay covers her story of taking the plunge.

Take the Plunge by Gloria Emerson Questions answers

The essay is written by Gloria Emerson. The introduction to the author has been given in the above paragraphs. So, let's start Questions answers to the Essay. Please note that these notes are specially made for BA, Associate Degree part Part 2. The important questions regarding the Exam's point of view are discussed in this post.

Take the Plunge Questions answers notes for BA English

As many questions can be asked from this essay, I have tried to cover the whole essay with some important questions. You can write the same answer to the questions that match the specific questions from this post. BA Part 2 English notes are given on this website, Zahid Notes.

Important Questions from Taking the Plunge by Gloria Emerson

Question No.1: The feelings of the Author before and after the jump


Gloria Emerson was a slim and weak fellow. She had a thin figure. Her friends and colleagues made fun of her when she told them that she was going to jump from a plane. She decided to take this challenge and prove that she was not mentally weak. She was excited and also afraid of the failure.

She went to the parachuting center with here friends. She was given instructions about using the parachute. She felt very strange with her jumpsuit, shoes, safety helmet and other equipment that she carried on her body. 

Before the jump, she was a little nervous. Before her eyes, she had watched another man jumping from the plane confidently. When her term came, she suddenly got frightened. She wanted to back out. She did not want to jump and started shouting. 

But when she finally jumped out, she faces some difficulties in her early travel. She could feel her lips and eyes fluttering. She had to face atmospheric pressure. When here parachute opened, she found a peaceful and lovely scene. She felt relaxed and enjoyed her swim in the air. She could see the endless sky and green patched earth below her. She loved and enjoyed her being in the air. She did not want to land. She landed safely. She enjoyed it very much.

Question No. 2: The message of the story


This essay gives us an important message. The story tells that determination is the key to success. The authoress was a physically weak woman. But she was strong from her inner. She was too physically weak and slim that her friends made fun of her thin figure. 

No one could have expected such a daring act from Gloria. She surprised all the people who made fun of his body. She proved that it is not the body but the will that make matter. Through this story, she clearly conveys that strong will power is the real power. The authoress has done what seemed impossible for her. It was her determination and will power which made her critics realized her talent and worth.

Question No. 3. Justify the decision of Gloria Emersion to Jump from the plan
Do you agree that she made a good decision to prove his strength
Why did Gloria Emersion decide to Jump from a plane


Gloria was a thin lady. She had poor physical conditions. She had a bad back and a lean body. She had even uncertain ankles. But she had a dream to prove herself strong. She wanted to do something extraordinary that could prove her power. She thought of many options and decided to jump from the plane. Moreover, she had been adventures by nature because she had been reporting from the war stuck areas where planes flew in numbers.

She wanted to do something to surprise and impress others. She wanted to do a brilliant adventure and write about it. So, when she told her friends about her decision, they mocked her. They told various jokes on this news. They believed that Gloria could not do that with that weaker and unfit body.

As, we all know the consequences, the decision of the authoress to take plunge from the plane was a good one. It is the only way that proves her strength. Jumping from a plane high in the sky is a matter of life and death. So, this one was actually the boldest act of the authoress. It turned her critics her admirers.

Question No. 4: Do the feeling of the author change during the course of her experience or not?


The authoress was determined to prove that she was not strong. She wanted to do this experiment to win the praise of others and to prove her powers to those who laughed at her. So, she was very confident and prepared for the task in the beginning of her adventure. She joined the parachuting center and learned all skills delightedly. 

She also was happy and gay. She had emotional feelings about what would happen. She gladly boarded the plane on the day of jumping. She was not nervous until the plane went up the air. But as the plane went up and up, she captured some sort of bad feelings. She became nervous after thinking that she had to jump from thousands of feet of height. 

So, the feelings of the authoress did not remain constant rather kept changing throughout the course of her work. Before her eyes, the other man had jumped out of the door. Now it was her turn. She pulled back. She did not want to jump. Her instructor brought him to the door and she sat lowering her legs from the door. Her instructor yelled at her saying something. She suddenly fell out of the door. She was in the air. 

Her parachute opened successfully and she was swimming in the atmosphere. The atmosphere was good and she began to enjoy her glide. Her nervousness vanished and she was happy again. She enjoyed watching the ground from the above. She liked her being over the tops of the trees and hills. 

It was an amazing experience for the authoress.

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