7 Golden Tips for PPSC Lectureship Job test Preparation

Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) is a provincial government body that recruits candidates for vacant seats in different departments that work under the provincial government. 

Recently, PPSC announced a large number of seats available for the position of lecturer in government colleges. 

This is a BPS-17 post including seats for individuals belonging to any domain of academia. These seats are usually announced after an uncertain period of time. That is why thousands of students have applied for the vacant seats concerning their academic degree.

Effective tips for PPSC exams preparation 2020

A question usually asked by the aspirants particularly fresh graduates is that how can we crack this exam. This article will address this question by sketching seven ways for you to easily secure your seat. 

PPSC lecturer job test pass formula guess and tips 2020

However, these tips are useless unless you are heartily willing to pass the test. They will not work for those who are taking the test for granted. These seven tips will help you as to the smart-study method for this particular test. 

How to clear PPSC exam 2020 with these tips

Here are some best tips from expert to pass your PPSC job test 2020

1. Be Psychologically Prepared

how to clear ppsc exam 2020

For any course of action, your psychological willingness is a prerequisite. 

As said earlier, you should be determined to secure this job. Your psychological willingness lies in determination and consistency. 

It is observed that fresh graduates often take competitive exams for granted by considering them just like their graduate or postgraduate exams. 

You need to change your attitude toward the test and should not consider it a piece of cake like your graduate exams. 

No matter how much CGPA you have scored, pay great heed to the preparation. Be determined as if this is the last chance you are applying for the job. 

Be careful that your determination should not translate into radical optimism. Be consistent while putting your trust in the Almighty and do not put your preparation at stake for any ordinary reason.

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2. Refer to the Past Papers

Many past-aspirants who are now allocated in different fields always outline the importance of past papers in cracking PPSC exams. 

Following a lot of successful candidates, you should also fix your focus on the past papers of any PPSC test in general and lectureship tests in particular. 

Past papers not only opens the possibility of getting old MCQs in the test, they also give an overview of the mode of exam. They reveal to you the scope of the test. You can easily identify the boundary of your study. 

For example, past papers let you know what is important and what is not. The most repetitive MCQs are of great importance and are needed to be prepared first and the least repetitive secondly.

You can download PPSC past papers from below

3. Revise Your Graduate or Postgraduate Courses

As the test for the post of the lecturer is quite specific in nature, a thorough revision of whatever you studied in your graduate and postgraduate degree covers at least fifty percent of your preparation. We will try to elaborate on this tip. 

For example, if you are applying for the post of lecturer in English, you must have a degree of BS or MA in English. Either you have specialized in literature or linguistics. For this post, you are recommended to revise all the courses of your BS or MA degree. 

As for those who have pursued BS, by revising their courses like Introduction to Literature, History of English Literature, Pakistani Literature in English, Phonetics & Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Semantics, Pragmatics, they are most likely to attempt all MCQs pertaining to these subjects. 

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4. Join Online Study Groups

The internet has revolutionized the methods of preparation, thereby giving access to authentic and valuable study material. 

As soon as a vacancy is announced by PPSC and even FPSC, different groups are made on social media networking websites like Facebook and Whatsapp, in which aspirants collaboratively share and access content for their test. 

These groups are really helpful for you in multiple ways. 

First, they make access to study content easy. 

Second, they connect you to other aspirants. 

Third, they give you an idea of the competition - as you get to see how others are preparing and where you stand among them. 

Forth, it helps to ask questions and get them answered immediately. 

Fifth, they reveal the shortcomings of other candidates which you can look for in yourself and try to eliminate them.

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5. Get In-Touch With Successful Candidates

 We recommend starting the preparation under the guidance of someone who has already passed the test you have applied for. 

As those who apply for the job of lectureship have already taught by lecturers, most of them are acquainted with their teachers. 

Therefore, it is highly advisable to reach out to the lecturers of any field who have passed PPSC and study under their guidance. They will reveal to you some tips and tricks that you will find nowhere. Moreover, they will also share their good and bad experiences which will help you in your journey. 

If you have had good relations with your teachers, this is the best time to utilize their knowledge and experience for your success. 

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6. Employ a Critical Approach

For almost all competitive exams, you need to use a critical approach toward things. The test for a lectureship job also requires you to analyze things carefully. 

This advice is equally relevant for written test and interview. In the written test, you can get confused between two options of an MCQ. 

However, if you know how to comprehend and examine the question carefully, you have more chances to choose the most appropriate answer. In the interview as well, things get a little tricky. 

Besides other prerequisites, you also need to have a critical tone and be opinionated while answering the questions put forth by the interviewer.

 For this, you should have a deep knowledge of your own field of study. 

7. Do not Believe in Myths

ppsc lecturership exams guess paper

As soon as a job is announced, there emerge many myths that are distractive and false. 

For example, you may be told by some ignorant or unsuccessful individuals that in competitive exams, candidates get selected through bribery and nepotism or PPSC is as difficult as a rocket-science. 

We strongly advise disbelieving all these myths which are circulated to divert aspirants' attention from the actual preparation. 

In this regard, follow the first tip of this article. Do not let these myths get a place in your mind. You should be looking hopefully toward your goal while ignoring everything that may steer you away from it. 

Get the updates from the official websites of PPSC and consult authentic content for preparation.

We wish you the best of luck for your enthusiastic endeavors!

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